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The Private Life of Alexis Maas: Heiress and Fourth Wife of Johnny Carson

Find out the life of Alexis Maas, the fourth wife of talk show host Johnny Carson. Learn about their 18-year marriage and her successful career in finance.

The Mysterious Life of Alexis Maas

Alexis Maas, the fourth wife of legendary talk show host Johnny Carson, was known for her beauty and wealth. But despite her high profile marriage, she preferred to keep her life private. Lucky for you, we’ve done some digging to uncover her story.

Born in Pittsburgh in 1952, Alexis had a successful career in finance before meeting Carson, who was 26 years her senior. They tied the knot in a low-key ceremony at Carson’s Malibu home in 1987, and jetted off to Wimbledon for their honeymoon.

“Johnny is a very private man and didn’t want any publicity attached to the wedding. They left for England over the weekend,” said Carson’s spokesperson.

After Carson’s passing in 2005 from emphysema, Alexis inherited a whopping $300 million. Another $156 million was donated to the Johnny Carson Foundation, a charitable organization that supports children’s education and healthcare.

Despite her immense wealth, Alexis has managed to stay out of the public eye. Perhaps she’s living a life of luxury on a private island somewhere, or maybe she’s just camera shy. Either way, we wish her all the best.


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How old is Alexis Maas?

Alexis was born in 1952, making her 71 years old. The exact date of her birth is not known. Carson, born in October 1925, was 69 years her senior.

How tall is Alexis Maas?

Alexis Mass is around 5’10’’ or 178 cm tall. Always dressed with impeccable taste and style, at every outing she was elegance personified.

Is Alexis Maas single or married?

Alexis was married to Johnny until he died in 2005 of emphysema. Before their marriage, their relationship gained negative comments from the press as Alexis was 35, and Carson was 61 when they started dating each other. However, they were in love and were married on June 20, 1987, in Malibu, California. They were married for 18 years, with many saying that after his three previous marriages, Carson was happier than he ever had been.

Alexis Maas with Carson before his death

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What does Alexis Maas do for a living?

Alexis is a former stock brokerage employee, but is now retired and enjoying life out of the spotlight.


Does Alexis Maas have any children?

Alexis Maas has no children of her own. However, she is the step-mom to three of her husband’s sons from his previous marriages. Their names are Christopher, Cory, and Richard Carson. Richard sadly died in a car crash in 1991.

Alexis Maas’ three step sons, Christopher, Cory, and Richard as kids

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What Is Alexis Maas’s net worth?

Alexis was left with a large inheritance after her husband passed away. Carson was a famous TV host, producer, writer, and comedian, appearing regularly on The Tonight Show which aired from 1962 until 1992. After his death, he left his wife $300 million whilst donating $156 million to his charity, Johnny Carson Foundation, a private foundation that he started in 2006.


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