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Amanda Balionis: From Golf Enthusiast to Sports Reporter & Dog Advocate

Read about Amanda Balionis’ early life and career as a sports reporter for CBS and Turner Sports. Discover her love for golf and passion for dog welfare.

Amanda Balionis: From Golf-Loving Kid to Sports Reporter Extraordinaire

Amanda Balionis is a sports reporting superstar, currently working with CBS Sports and contributing to Turner Sports digital. But did you know that her love for golf started way back in her childhood? Her parents played golf almost every day, and it wasn’t long before Amanda was hooked. In fact, her family’s love of golf goes way back – her grandparents met and fell in love on a golf course!

Born on June 20, 1985, Amanda studied broadcast journalism at Hofstra University. But her passion for sports reporting goes beyond just golf – she’s covered everything from football to basketball to tennis.

But that’s not all – Amanda is also a proud dog owner and a passionate advocate for canine welfare. She’s heavily involved in the charity K9s for Warriors, which helps provide service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD.

So whether she’s reporting on the latest golf tournament or helping out our furry friends, Amanda Balionis is a true superstar.


Where was Amanda Balionis born?

Amanda Balionis is an American who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

What is Amanda Balionis’s age?

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Amanda is now 38 years old and her star sign is Gemini.

How tall is Amanda Balionis? What is her weight?

Amanda Balionis stands 5ft5, or 165cm inches tall and weighs about 126lbs or 57kg.

Is Amanda Balionis single?

Amanda Balionis is in a relationship. However, the information about her personal life is very scarce. She once posted a photo on her Instagram profile wearing a beautiful ring but she explained that it wasn’t an engagement ring. There were rumors that she was dating golfer Rickie Fowler but again, nothing was confirmed. Then during Valentine’s Day, she shared a photo with her boyfriend in an Instagram post.


It turns out that her boyfriend is Bryn Renner who travels with her everywhere she goes for work.

How much is Amanda Balionis’s net worth?

Amanda Balionis has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she earned for being a sports reporter. Her average salary as a CBS presenter is between $38,000 and $148,000.


Does Amanda Balionis have any children?

In 2016, Amanda Balionis posted a photo holding a baby and mentioned an ex-boyfriend. However, it was never confirmed whether the child was actually hers or not. While it is not known whether Amanda has any children, what is known is that she’s a huge fan of dogs and she always helps out at the shelters.


What happened to Amanda Balionis?

Amanda Balionis is very close to her parents, after her father died in 2018 and she gained 15lbs which alerted her that she was struggling both mentally and emotionally. She shared on her Instagram and Twitter post that she’s seen a therapist and several doctors which helped her got back to being healthy.

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