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Ashton Meem: From Russell Wilson’s Ex-Wife to Media Marketing Career

Uncover the career of Ashton Meem, former wife of NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. Know about her media marketing success and rumored affair with Golden Tate.

Ashton Meem, Russel Wilson’s Ex-Wife

Ashton Meem may be known as the former wife of NFL Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, but she’s also a media marketing maven in her own right.

After eight years together and two years of marriage, Wilson filed for divorce following rumors of Meem’s alleged affair with his teammate and friend, Golden Tate. Meem and Tate denied the allegations, but fans couldn’t help but speculate that it was the main reason for their split.

Despite the drama, Meem continued to slay in her career as an advertising operations assistant, working with American Family Insurance. Talk about a boss babe!


What’s the latest on Ashton Meem?

In April 2022, a meme featuring Ashton Meem resurfaced on social media, which reminded people of her previous relationship with NFL player Russell Wilson and their divorce settlement.

Ashton Meem is currently working as an advertising operations assistant and has a net worth of $4 million as of 2023, largely due to her divorce from Russell Wilson.

There were rumors in the past that Ashton Meem cheated on Russell Wilson, but these rumors have not been confirmed and remain just speculations.

How old is Ashton Meem?

Ashton Meem is now 36 years old and her star sign is Virgo. Typical of Virgos, she is a perfectionist, possessing a practicality that has helped her achieve success in life.

Where is Ashton Meem now?

Ashton Meem is currently working as an advertising operations assistant for American Family Insurance.

What is Ashton Meem’s height and weight?

Ashton Meem stands 5ft10, or 178cm tall, and weighs about 115lbs or 52kgs.

Did Ashton Meem remarry?

No, Ashton Meem is divorced from Russell Wilson. They got married on January 14, 2012, and divorced in April 2014. The two first met in high school and it was love at first sight for them. They maintained a long-distance relationship while in college. However, after their divorce, Russell Wilson married Ciara, his 2nd wife, and currently has 3 kids with her.

Russell Wilson on his new wife


Who is Ashton Meem dating?

After Ashton Meem’s divorce from her former husband Russell Wilson, she led a low profile life and has been shying away from the media. As such, no one can confirm whether she is dating and if she is, who is the lucky person.

What is Ashton Meem’s net worth?

Ashton Meem has an estimated net worth of $4 million which she earned in her career as an advertising and event planner.

Does Ashton Meem have any children?

None, Ashton Meem and former husband Russell Wilson didn’t have any children.

Report on the divorce between Ashton Meem and Russel Wilson:

Ashton Meem Photo Gallery

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