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Autumn Snyder: Age, Nationality, Height and More!

Everything you’ve always wanted to find out about Autumn Snyder – biography, facts about her life, charity involvement and much more!

Autumn Snyder Overview

Autumn Snyder was the daughter of the world-renowned director Zack Snyder. Born in China on November 27, 1996, she was one of the eight children of the couple, Snyder and Weber. The American director and his wife adopted her when she was quite young and brought her to California. She was a great student and was already enrolled when she decided to take her own life.

She was known for being a brilliant young woman and an inspiration for everyone around her. In 2014, she launched Write-A-Thon Charity, which was created for the sole purpose of helping homeless mothers. The positive impact that she had on this world didn’t end there, as she was also involved with The Elizabeth House, which is a charity organization that helps people who are less privileged. Autumn was also known for being a prolific writer, and before she took her own life, she was hoping to publish a sci-fi novel that she had written. Unfortunately, that novel has yet to be published, and we hope that her family will honor her by publishing it.


How did Autumn Snyder die?

Miss Snyder left this world too early, taking her own life on March 20, 2017. There were no official police reports showing how she committed suicide.

Why did Autumn Snyder commit suicide?

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, her family and friends have kept the details of her suicide to themselves, and still, two years after, we don’t know why she committed suicide.

What nationality was Autumn Snyder?

Autumn Snyder was of American nationality, but she was of Chinese descent.  When she was just a child, she was adopted by the American couple.

How tall was Autumn Snyder and how much did she weigh?

Unfortunately, there is no data regarding her height and weight. However, from her pictures, you could see that she was a stunning young lady, that she had black hair and gorgeous black eyes.

Was Autumn Snyder married or single?

At the time of her death, she was single, and there is no information if she had ever dated anyone in her life.

How much was Autumn Snyder worth?

Her net worth was estimated to be around $300,000 before she died. This was mostly attributed to the success of her father.

How many kids did Autumn Snyder have?

Autumn didn’t have any children.

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