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Tytyana Miller: From Hell to Health

Master P’s Daughter, Tytyana Miller

Tytyana Miller, who goes by the nickname “TaTa”, is the daughter of Percy Miller, aka Master P, a famous and critically acclaimed rapper who made millions during his career. However, despite her lavish upbringing, TaTa has not always been a happy child.

TaTa’s parents, until 2014, had been a formidable couple in the pop industry for 24 years, and when they finally divorced TaTa took it very hard. At the height of her distress, TaTa ran away from home and turned to drugs to ease her pain. Her mother, Sonya Miller, was also drug-dependent at the time.

In 2016, TaTa outed herself as having a drug problem in a reality TV show Growing Up Hip Hop. As part of the same confessions, she also outed her mom as having drug issues. Her father told her to fix herself in whatever way she could, and even her brother, Romeo tried to help. Tata, luckily, decided she had to get help, and with her family’s help, she managed to get clean.

Tytyana is currently healthy and happy and pursuing her passion for acting, with a significant role in the film A Mother’s Choice. Her siblings, too, Romeo and Cymphonique have blooming careers in the recording industry. Sonya Miller is also doing well as she rebuilds her life writing a book and working on other fulfilling projects.

Shunning social media, Tytyana keeps a very low profile.

Tytyana’s mom talks about how the divorce affected her daughter:


Is Tytyana Miller still on drugs?

The celebrity has been quite open with her drug problems, confessing to her father, Master P, about it. She alleges that her parent’s divorce was one of the main reasons she turned to drugs. She narrated her drug woes to her father in one of the episodes of Growing Up Hip Hop, her father’s reality TV show.

Who is Tytyana Miller’s mom?

Tytyana’s mother is the well-known rapper, Sonya Miller. Releasing such albums as True to the Game, Da Crime Family, and Married to the Mob, she has earned a reputation for hard-hitting lyrics and gangster riffs.

When was Tytyana Miller born?

Tytyana was born on the 15th June 1992, making her 29 years old. This makes her a Gemini, which might account for her drive and determination to succeed.

How tall is Tytyana Miller and how much does she weigh?

Tytyana is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 120 pounds.

Is Tytyana Miller married or single?

At the moment TaTa is single, and although she likes to keep out of the limelight, you’ll be the first to know if this status changes.


What is Tytyana Miller’s net worth?

Although Tytyana’s net worth is more or less $1 million dollars, it pales in comparison to her father’s net worth which stands at $360 million from his record deals, labels, businesses, and other financial pursuits.

Does Tytyana Miller have any kids?

Tytyana doesn’t have any children, but if her situation changes, we’ll let you know.

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