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Bernie Sanders’ Daughter-in-Law, Raine Riggs

Find out about Bernie Sanders’ Daughter-in-Law, Raine Riggs: Her tragic sudden death from cancer, her three adopted children, and so much more.

Raine Riggs – A Life Cut Short

Raine Riggs was the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ son Levi Sanders. Riggs was a neuropsychologist and Riggs Geriatric Psychology owner. During the 9/11 tragedy, she volunteered at ground zero.  Bernie Sanders’ daughter-in-law succumbed to cancer, days after her diagnosis came out. She was only 46 years old.

Riggs graduated from Burgettstown High School as class valedictorian. She went to the University of Vermont where she earned her neuropsychology degree.

Raine and her husband Levi Sanders, the son of Bernie Sanders, met at the emergency food shelter where they worked together. Raine loved to pick berries with her family and spend the entire day baking.


How did Raine Riggs die?

Raine Riggs died of neuroendocrine cancer on the evening of October 5, 2019. Neuroendocrine cancer is a cancer of the body’s neuroendocrine cells, these cells release hormones into the blood. It is a very rare disease.

For her obituary her family wrote: “This world lost one of its most beautiful people…. our beloved mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece and cousin… Dr. Rainè Riggs.”

The family explained how Raine was sick for three weeks and doctors could not understand what was wrong with her. She was then given a diagnosis of neuroendocrine cancer. She died two days after her diagnosis.


Raine graduated valedictorian in 1990 from Bugettstown High School.

After this she went to American University to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

She then went on to Harvard and Brown University to earn a masters degree in geriatric neuropsychology and clinical sleep medicine.  Whilst at Brown she received the National Institute of Health award for research on chemotherapy’s affects on the brain.

Rounding off her academic career Raine attended Vermont University to gain a doctorate in neuropsychology.

Raine co-directed the Behavioral Medicine unit at Dartmouth Medical School for many years, whilst here she founded the Palliative Care Department.

How old was Raine Riggs?

Rainè was born on December 23, 1972. Her parents were Richard and Rinda Riggs. She was 46 years old when she died of neuroendocrine cancer.

Was Raine Riggs married or divorced?

Raine was married to Bernie Sanders’s son, Levi Sanders. They met whilst working together at an emergency food shelter for the homeless.

Did Raine Riggs have any children?

Despite her glittering academic career, Raine said her proudest achievement was becoming a mother.

Raine had three adopted children – Sunnee Riggs-Sanders, Ryleigh Riggs-Sanders, and Grayson Riggs-Sanders.


How much was Raine Riggs’s net worth?

Raine Riggs’s net worth at the time of her death was not known.

The family urged people wishing to remember Raine Riggs to make a memorial donation in her memory to Love Without Boundaries, a charity that meant a lot to her.

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