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Who is Bethenny Frankel’s Daughter? Private Life of Bryn Hoppy, Child of Bethenny and Jason Hoppy

Find out who Bethenny Frankel’s daughter is and why she keeps her life private. Read about her parents’ nasty custody battle and more.

Who is Bryn Hoppy, Bethenny Frankel’s Daughter?

If you’re a fan of The Real Housewives of New York, you’re probably familiar with Bethenny Frankel. She’s not one to shy away from sharing her personal life with the public, but when it comes to her daughter Bryn Hoppy, she’s fiercely protective. In fact, she keeps almost everything about her private.

Bryn is the daughter of Bethenny and her ex-husband Jason Hoppy. The couple had a nasty custody battle over their daughter, but Bryn is now busy splitting her time between both of her parents. She’s also focused on her studies at a Manhattan school and keeps her life away from the public eye.

Despite her privacy, Bethenny has shared that Bryn has an “amazing” sense of fashion during an interview with E! News. And in 2020, photos of a distressed-looking Bethenny being hugged by her 10-year-old daughter before spending time with her father Jason Hoppy made headlines.



What Happened Between Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel?

Jason and Bethenny tied the knot in 2010 but separated just two years later in 2012. The couple reached a financial settlement in 2016, but their messy divorce wasn’t finalized until 2021. Yikes!

Does Bethenny have custody of Brynn?

Bryn’s parents were embroiled in a nasty custody battle, stemming from their messy divorce, for many years. In 2021 Bethenny was awarded full custody of her daughter Bryn after it transpired that Bethenny had been the primary parent for some time, and Bryn did not always enjoy spending time with her father. Her father Jason removed himself from the custody battle after it was revealed that daughter Bryn had been suffering anxiety, hives, and hyperventilation attacks as a result of the ‘toxic’ custody battle.

What is the nationality of Bryn Hoppy?

Bethenny Frankel’s daughter, Bryn, is American.

How old is Bryn Hoppy?

Bryn was born on May 8, 2010. She is 14 years old.

How much is Bryn Hoppy’s net worth?

Bryn is yet to accumulate a net worth as she does not have a career or profession yet. However, her parents are quite wealthy. Her father Jason Hoppy has an estimated net worth of $5 million. As for her mother, Bethenny Frankel, her net worth is $70 million.



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