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Remembering Bert Kish: Son of Albert Kish, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Director🎥🎬🌟

Know about Bert Kish, the talented filmmaker and son of renowned director Albert Kish. Achieving international acclaim, Bert’s legacy lives on after his tragic passing in 2017.

Bert Kish, Albert Kish’s Son👶

Bert Kish, son of the legendary filmmaker Albert Kish, was a force to be reckoned with in the movie industry. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer in May 2017.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Bert and his brother Colin made the move to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of making it big in Hollywood. And boy, did Bert make it big! He received international acclaim for his work, racking up awards like the Silver Hugo, Gold Apple, and Robert Flaherty Awards. In 1994, Bert made a name for himself as the editor of the hit series Jake and The Kid.

Bert was born on September 15, 1965, and passed away at the young age of 51. His legacy lives on through his incredible contributions to the film industry.


Best of Bert Kish📸

Where was Bert Kish from?🌍

There’s no confirmed information about Bert Kish’s nationality. He was originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada but relocated to the US. It is most probable that he was an American at the time of his passing.

Bert Kish posts on Twitter about his movie, 12 Monkeys🐵:

How tall was Bert Kish and how much did he weigh?🤷

There is no accessible information about Bert Kish’s vital statistics therefore, his weight and height are unknown.

Was Bert Kish still single or married?💏🏻​

When Bert Kish was alive, he was married to Vanessa Trachewsky. There is very little information about how the couple met or when they started dating as Kish was uncomfortable sharing his personal details.

Bert Kish’s wife and son👨‍👩‍👦‍👦


How much was Bert Kish’s net worth?​💷

Bert Kish had a net worth of $1.9 million until he died in 2017. He earned his money through the films he directed and edited.


How many children did Bert Kish have?👶

Yes, Bert Kish and Vanessa Trachwesky had a son named Aris, born in 2006 who was only 11 years old at the time of Bert’s passing. Aris has become a very talented actor and writer, and in 2015 before his father passed, the pair collaborated on a beautifully moving film, Winter Song.

How did Bert Kish die?☠️

Bert Kish’s final breath came suddenly and there was no information released regarding his death, but it was announced that he succumbed to cancer. Sadly, his father, Albert died of cancer too.

Still need to know more about Bert Kish?☎️​

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