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Bradley Cooper’s Adorable Little Daughter – Lea De Seine Is A Future Star

Lea De Seine Overview

Lea De Seine (full name Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper) is Bradley Cooper’s daughter. One word that best describes her is adorable. She was born in May 2017. At the time she was born, her dad, Bradley Cooper, and mom Irina Shayk were together and very much in love. All this came to an end in 2019 when Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk called it quits, making Bradley Cooper a double divorcee as he parted ways with ex-wife Jennifer Esposito in 2007. Bradley Cooper is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood as he is famous for many of his films that include Wedding Crashers, Limitless, and The Hangover film series. Irina Shayk, on the other hand, is one of the most stunning Russian models, appearing in many popular magazines such as Sports Illustrated. Their split broke the hearts of many fans as the couple looked pretty good together.

At the time the couple announced their split, they were quick to dispel the idea that they would have to file for custody and for parental rights over their daughter. They announced that they were happy to be co-parents and that they promised to live in the same neighborhood for the sake of their daughter, Lea De Seine. The two have been quite successful.


How old is Lea De Seine?

Bradley Cooper’s daughter Lea De Seine was born in May, 2017. She is currently 3 years old. People born in May are born under the star sign Taurus. They usually turn out to be practical and ambitious. We can expect great things from Lea De Seine!

How tall is Lea De Seine?

Bradley Cooper’s daughter, Lea De Seine, is a three-year-old toddler. She is probably around 2 feet tall. She is likely to be quite tall when she grows up, since Bradley Cooper is 6 feet 1 inch tall, while Irina Shayk is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

What is the nationality of Lea De Seine?

Lea De Seine was born in the United States; this cute little girl is American.

How much does Lea De Seine weigh?

Lea De Seine at this time might be more or less 2 feet tall. She probably weighs around 25 pounds, which is normal for a toddler her age. There are many pictures and videos of her being carried by her father, Bradley Cooper.

How much is Lea De Seine’s net worth?

Lea De Seine has no income to speak of as of now, except of course when she makes commercials and showbiz appearances. Bradley Cooper has a net worth of around $100 million.


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