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Who Are Brett Favre’s Daughters? The Sportswoman and the Lawyer

Everything you need to know about the daughters of the former NFL quarterback, Brett Favre, Brittany and Breleigh Favre – Their Relationships and More!

The lowdown on Brett Favre’s daughters, Brittany and Breleigh?

Brittany and Breleigh Favre are the daughters of former NFL quarterback Brett Lorenzo Favre and Deanna Tynes, CEO of breast cancer foundation, Favre4Hope. However, the family are well known for their philanthropic drive, and between them have donated over $2 million to various charities, with Brett also working closely with the Make a Wish Foundation.

Following in her father’s sporting footsteps, Breleigh was an award-winning volleyball player throughout her high school years, inspired by her elder sister, Brittany’s enjoyment of the game. Although head hunted by numerous top teams, Breleigh has chosen to continue her studies, taking biology at the University of Southern Mississippi, whilst still playing in the university’s volleyball team!

Brittany, the older and more outspoken of the sisters, has moved away from the sports field, heading into the legal sector, and is now a successful lawyer. She married her first husband, Alex Mallion, after discovering she was pregnant with his child. However, they soon broke up, citing irrevocable differences. Brittany went on to marry Patrick Valkenburg in 2011, and they have subsequently had a son – AJ.

Brett talks about his pride in his daughters:


What nationality are Brittany & Breleigh Favre?

Brittany Favre and Breleigh Favre are both Americans.

How old are Brittany Favre & Breleigh Favre and how much do they weigh?

Brittany and Breleigh were born on February 6, 1989, and July 13, 1999, respectively. Brittany will be 32 years old this year and Breleigh will be 41.

There is no official information on Brittany’s weight, height, and body measurements at the moment. But Breleigh is reported to be 182 centimeters tall and weighs around 60 kilograms.

How much are Brittany Favre & Breleigh Favre worth?

Sources claim that Brittany has a net worth of $200,000 but this is estimated and is only a rumor.

Breleigh doesn’t have a net worth that’s accessible to the public. One report claims her net worth to be $200,000, just like her sister.  It’s assumed it is quite large though as her father, Brett, is worth $110 million.

Are Brittany Favre & Breleigh Favre single or married?

Brittany is married to Patrick Valkenburg, tying the knot in 2011. Previously she was with Alex Mallion, the father of her first child. She has subsequently had a son with Patrick.

Breleigh is reportedly single at the moment and prefers to keep herself out of the spotlight.

What do Brittany Favre & Breleigh Favre do for a living?

Brittany studied law and graduated from Loyola University’s College of Law. She is now a successful lawyer.

Breleigh recently finished high school and is attending Southern Mississippi University, majoring in biology. It is expected that she’ll make full use of her talent at volleyball and compete professionally.


Are Brittany Favre and Breleigh Favre in the football scene?

No, neither girl is involved in the football world. But Breleigh was part of her high school’s volleyball team, and it’s no surprise that athletic genes run in the family.

Brett, Brittany, Breleigh, and Brittany’s son, Parker:

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