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Meet Montana and Delilah Fishburne, daughters of Laurence Fishburne

Read about Montana Fishburne and Delilah Fishburne, daughters of actor Laurence Fishburne. Montana made headlines for a sex tape and legal troubles, while Delilah stays out of the spotlight.

Who are Montana Fishburne and Delilah Fishburne?

Montana Fishburne and Delilah Fishburne are the offspring of the legendary actor, director, playwright, and producer Laurence Fishburne. Montana is from Laurence’s marriage with his ex-wife, Hajna O. Moss, along with their son Langston. Delilah is the product of his marriage with Gina Torres, who is also an ex.

Montana made headlines when she decided to break into the Hollywood scene by releasing a sex tape, just like Kim Kardashian did. She looked up to Kim for releasing the now-infamous film with rapper Ray-J and wanted to be known for more than just being the daughter of her instantly recognizable father. Montana has some adorable nicknames like Chippie D, Miss Fit Montana, and Morpheus’ Daughter. She has also faced charges for assault on her ex-boyfriend and has entered rehab after a DUI arrest.

On the other hand, Delilah has chosen to stay out of the limelight and away from the camera’s lens. Maybe she’s secretly a superhero or a spy, who knows? One thing’s for sure, she’s not interested in following in her sister’s footsteps.

Montana’s story:


Are Laurence Fishburne’s daughters in the film industry?

Montana is currently working as a pornographic actor and model. Delilah is not reported to have any involvement in the Hollywood film scene.

What are Montana and Delilah Fishburne’s hobbies?

Montana, besides her adult film jobs, has a talent for performing as a stripper in various men’s clubs. As a self-proclaimed “video vixen”, Montana loves being in the spotlight.

Delilah, meanwhile, has no reported hobbies as she keeps away from the media.

What nationality are Montana and Delilah Fishburne?

Montana Fishburne and Delilah Fishburne are both American.

How old are Montana and Delilah Fishburne and how much do they weigh?

Montana and Delilah were born on September 7, 1991, and June 2007, respectively. Montana is 32 years old, and Delilah is aged 16.

Montana is 1.84 meters and she weighs 87 kilograms.

There is no official information on Delilah’s weight, height, and body measurements as she keeps her life very private.

What are Montana and Delilah Fishburne’s net worth?

While their own net worth is unknown, reports suggest it’s quite a sum especially since their fathers is $20 million.


Are Montana and Delilah Fishburne single or married?

Both daughters are reportedly single. Delilah is said to be far from considering marriage at the moment.

What do Montana and Delilah Fishburne do for a living?

Montana is known for her acting career in the adult film scene. She is reportedly very happy with her life choices and she feels empowered by them.

Delilah is currently a student and does not have a job according to reports.

Montana and Delilah Fishburne’s Photos

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