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Bumpy Johnson’s Daughter Margaret Johnson

Bumpy Johnson’s Daughter Margaret Johnson – Her real mom, crime fighting and the unusual way she learned math!

Who is Bumpy Johnson’s Daughter?

Margaret Johnson is known as the granddaughter of Harlem gangster Bumpy Johnson and his wife, the late Mayme Johnson. Bumpy Johnson is also known as the Godfather of Harlem, and he inspired the TV series of the same name.

Elise Johnson is the real daughter of Bumpy and Mayme Johnson, and Margaret Johnson’s mother. However she was a shoplifting heroin addict, but she was raised by her grandparents as their own.


Even if Margaret’s grandparents hid the truth that she was their granddaughter, she always felt that she was their own, they lavished her with fancy gifts during her childhood years and enrolled her at a private school. Despite this private education,

During the later years of her life, she admitted that she learned math and earned her allowance by counting her grandfather’s illegal gambling profits.

There’s not much information about her early and personal life that’s available to the public.

What is the nationality of Margaret Johnson?

Margaret Johnson is an American.

How old is Margaret Johnson?

Margaret Johnson was 66 when she passed away from a heart attack.

How tall is Margaret Johnson and how much does she weigh?

Margaret Johnson’s vital statistical information is not available to the public.

Is Margaret Johnson still married or single?

It wasn’t known if Margaret Johnson married anyone. However, she had a son Anthony Hatcher Johnson

How much is Margaret Johnson’s net worth?

Margaret Johnson’s estimated net worth is not known to the public but her grandfather, Bumpy Johnson has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Does Margaret Johnson have any children?

Yes, Margaret Johnson has a son named Anthony Hatcher Johnson.

What happened to Bumpy Johnson’s daughter?

In 2006, Margaret Johnson was sitting in her motorized wheelchair near her house when a man tried to take her purse and gold chain. They had picked on the wrong person though, as she promptly pulled out her .357 magnum and shot him twice in the elbow, he was apprehended by police shortly after. This incident gave her the nickname “The Annie Oakley of Harlem”.


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