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Who is the Wife of Chuck Norris? Gena O’Kelley- Everything you needed to know

All your questions answered about Chuck Norris’s Wife Gena O’Kelley: Ultimate Bio, Age, Marriage, Health Issue, Measurements and More!

Who is Gena O’Kelley?

Gena O’Kelley is the wife of the very famous action star and martial artist Chuck Norris. Chuck’s popularity came to rise during the 80s and the 90s and many action films had him performing his martial arts expertise. The actor is also known for his bearded face and muscular physique, but with Chuck’s popularity, Gena rose to even greater popularity herself.

Prior to meeting Chuck, Gena was already married and had two children from her former spouse. Likewise, Chuck had been previously married. However, after 30 years of being married to Dianne Holecheck, he met Gena and they immediately hit it off. Gena and Chuck met in 1997, and they decided to get married the year after.


From then on, husband and wife have led a happy marriage in spite of the many challenges they met along the way. They have excellent careers and have made the most of their skills, talents, and abilities.

Where does Gena O’Kelley come from? 

Gena O’Kelley was born on August 10, 1963, in California in the United States. She is American.

Is Gena O’Kelley still married to Chuck Norris?

Gena has been married twice. Of her two marriages, the current one with the action star Chuck Norris has survived.

Chuck Norris Showing a gift from his friends


How tall is Gena O’Kelley and how much does she weigh?

Gena O’Kelley worked as a model before. She is quite tall as she stands 5 feet 8 inches. Being a model, Gena weighed around 120 pounds or even less.

How many kids does Gena O’Kelley have?

Gena had two children with her former husband. Similarly, Chuck had two from his own previous marriage. Three years after their marriage, in 2001, Chuck and Gena had twins.

How old is Gena O’Kelley?

Since Gena was born in 1963, On the other hand, her husband Chuck was born in 1940. This means that they are 23 years apart.


What happened to Gena O’Kelley and her health?

In 2013, Gena felt something wrong with her body. She felt pain in her nerves; thus, she and her husband went to get expert advice and had her go through some tests such as an MRI. She was eventually diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis and given medication in the form of injections to address what doctors thought to be simple rheumatoid arthritis. However, after being injected, she felt her body burning and was sure that she was misdiagnosed. She then got medical advice from another set of medical practitioners. Although she still feels pain from time to time, Gena has felt better. Because of her experience, she and husband Chuck filed a lawsuit against the medical practitioners who made a misdiagnosis.

Gena O’Kelley talks about her health condition

YouTube video

What is the net worth of Gena O’Kelley?

Chuck has an astronomical net worth of $70 million. Of course, Gena is conjugally entitled to Chuck’s earnings and net worth. There is no clear and proven information on Gena O’Kelley’s net worth; however, she has not always relied on Chuck for her earnings. She is a businesswoman after all, and the nature of her business is production. They produce bottles for sale and other branded products. With her work as a model an TV personality as well, she has made quite a fortune.

Gena and Chuck is meeting people in NRA annual meeting

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