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Discovering the Talented Gospel Singer Meleasa Houghton and Her Contributions to Christian Music

Find out the talented Christian gospel singer Meleasa Houghton, known for her award-winning renditions and contributions to the band Breed. Learn more here.

Who is Meleasa Houghton?

Meleasa Houghton is a gospel sensation! She’s won awards for her heavenly voice and is famous for being the ex-wife of Israel Houghton, another beloved Christian music singer. Both Meleasa and Israel are worship leaders, leading groups of people who sing and pray in Christian worship.

Meleasa’s talent and fame have earned her the GMA Award for Traditional Gospel Song of the Year, as well as nominations for Best Gospel Performance/Song in the Grammy Awards. Her success in gospel singing is largely due to her membership in Breed, where she met Israel. Meleasa made invaluable contributions to the band, responsible for many of their well-known songs such as Jesus at the Center, Rez Power, and Our Presence is Heaven.

meleasa-houghton So, if you’re looking for some divine inspiration, Meleasa Houghton is the gospel singer for you!


What else do we know about Meleasa Houghton?

Meleasa Houghton is a world-renowned Christian music singer and worship leader. One of the important awards that Meleasa has won is GMA Award for Traditional Gospel Song of the Year; she has also been nominated for Best Gospel Performance or Song in the Grammy Awards. More than these accolades, what made Meleasa famous is her marriage with now ex-husband Israel Houghton. Meleasa, after all, was a member and one of the key contributors for the Israel Houghton’s band Israel and Breed. Some of her well-known songs include How Awesome Is Our God, Alpha and Omega, Rez Power, It’s Not Over, and Chasing Me Down. 

For a time, Meleasa was despondent when the couple made it known to the public that they were divorced. They claim that it was a difficult decision to make and that they were to do their best to keep their ministries alive and well. Indeed, Meleasa has recovered and has continued being the great Christian singer that she is.

As of 2020, Meleasa was a full-time mum, living with her children, Mariah, Sonny and Lillie. She has 13,000 followers on Instagram.

Where is Meleasa Houghton from?

There is not much information out there on Meleasa’s background. However, it is widely known, and it is an accepted fact that Meleasa was born in the United States. Meleasa is American.

How many kids does Meleasa Houghton have?

Meleasa’s marriage with Israel produced 3 children, and they are Mariah, Sonny, and Lillie Houghton.

Meleasa Houghton with her oldest daughter Mariah



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How much is Meleasa Houghton’s net worth?

Meleasa Houghton’s net worth is $8 million from her gospel-singing performances, but there are reports that Meleasa should have around $4 million from her marriage and subsequent divorce with Israel Houghton.

What are Meleasa Houghton’s height and weight?

Meleasa is medium build. She stands 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 120 pounds.


How old is Meleasa Houghton?

Meleasa Houghton was born on March 1, 1964. This means that this amazing Christian music singer is now 60 years old.

Is Meleasa Houghton married to Israel Houghton?

Meleasa used to be married to Israel Houghton. They got married in 1994, and their marriage lasted for 22 years, officially ending in 2016.

Israel and New Breed’s Jesus at the Center, Live

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