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Dahm Triplets’ DNA Reveals Surprising Ancestry Differences

Uncover the surprising truths about identical triplets on the show Doctors. Their DNA test proved they are identical, but their ancestries were surprisingly different.

Who are the Dahm Triplets?

The Dahm triplets are identical striking blondes, standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall, known for starring in popular magazines such as Playboy and Teen. Growing up in Jordan, Minnesota, the triplets originally wanted to pursue careers in nursing. However, talent scouts soon spotted them and had them pose for photoshoots, initially for a teenage audience, before marketing them in adult publications.

It came as no surprise when the triplets had to decide whether they would continue a career in nursing or one in show business, they chose the latter.  They starred in a number of American sitcoms such as Boy Meets World in 1999 and were also featured in TV game and reality shows, including Family Feud, House Wars, 1 vs. 100, The Doctors and Renovate My Family.

The Dahm triplets then pushed their fame to further heights, launching their cooking website called Triplets Gourmet on YouTube and their own YouTube channel.


What are the Dahm Triplets’ names?

The celebrity triplet’s names are Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn Dahm.

What did the Dahm Triplets’ DNA reveal?

You know what’s rarer than a unicorn? Identical triplets. But the Dahm Triplets defied the odds and became famous for it. Their show, Doctors, started off with the usual pregnancy chronicles, complete with sonograms and fun facts. But things got really interesting when they agreed to a DNA test. Turns out, they really are identical. But their ancestry? Not so much. Nicole was 18% British and Irish, while Erica was only 16%. And Erica had the biggest French and German ancestry at 22.3%. Plus, their Scandinavian roots were all over the place, with Erica at 7.4% and Nicole at 11.4%. Who knew DNA could be so surprising? Check out the full story here.

What is the Dahm Triplets’ worrying truth?

The worrying truth about the triplets and the DNA test they took, is that DNA tests may not be that accurate. It is clear that the triplets are indeed identical; however, as the doctors in the show Doctors would say, the accuracy of these tests could be questioned as they revealed differing blood and ancestry lines for the triplets.

Where are the Dahm Triplets from?

The triplets were born in Minneapolis in Minnesota, and they are Americans. They are known to have British and Irish ancestry. However, through controversial DNA testing, the results revealed some differences. While they all share identical fingerprints, their DNA showed variations in the percentage of English/Irish ancestry they have, with Jaclyn possessing 19% down to Erica with 15%.

Are the Dahm Triplets married or single?

The Dahm triplets are all married. Nicole Dahm is married to Michael Kelly, Jaclyn Dahm is married to Billy Dolan, while Erica Dahm is married to Jay McGraw, the son of the famous Dr. Phil McGraw, host of the show Dr. Phil.


How many kids do the Dahm Triplets have?

Combined, the triplets have 6 children. Interestingly each of the triplets has a son and a daughter.

Celebrating the birthday of Jaclyn Dahm Dolan’s daughter, Chanel Dolan


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Fun celebrating your 10th birthday @chanel_dolan love you! 😘🎉🧁🎂🍭🌈@GuacAmigosca #guacamigos

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How much are the Dahm Triplets worth?

Together, the Dahm triplets are a force to be reckoned with as they have made a huge sum of money. Their combined net worth is around $12.5 million which has been derived from their TV and modeling careers.

What are the Dahm Triplets’ height and weight?

The triplets all stand an identical 5 feet 8 inches, and their weight ranges between 115 to 118 pounds.

What age are the Dahm Triplets?

The Dahm Triplets were born on December 12, 1977. They are now 46 years old.

Dahm Triplets sharing their pregnancy snacks

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