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Markie Post: Iconic TV Star of the 80s and Beyond

Discover the iconic TV roles that made Markie Post a household name in the 80s. Now almost 60, she’s still in the spotlight and taking social media by storm.

Markie Post – Still Shining After 30 Years in the Spotlight

Markie Post may be pushing 60, but back in the day, she was the ultimate blonde bombshell who had audiences swooning in the 80s. With roles that set her apart, like the tough-as-nails bail bondswoman Terri Michaels in ABC’s action-adventure series from ’82 to ’85, and the quick-witted public defender Christine Sullivan in NBC’s courtroom sitcom Night Court for 7 seasons, Markie was a TV icon of the era. She even teamed up with comedy legend John Ritter in Hearts Afire and proved she could hold her own in the laughs department.

But Markie’s not just a blast from the past. She’s still landing roles and taking social media by storm with updates on her life, family, and causes she cares about. It’s safe to say this blonde bombshell is still shining bright after all these years.


How much is Markie Post worth?

With her decades of work on television and film, Markie has a net worth of $12 million.

What happened to Markie Post?

Markie Post did an excellent job of reinventing herself time and again. From taking on hot blonde roles sexily clad in leather, she moved onto other roles in the 1980s, including that of a public prosecutor. She also played rom-com roles. One that stood out was with the late John Ritter in the show Hearts Afire.  In the 1998 blockbuster There’s Something About Mary, Markie plays Mary’s mother. She also ventured into other genres particularly horror and dark comedy and was cast in the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet and Keep the Gaslight Burning. Apart from this, Markie Post is an avid supporter of the Democrat political party and often shares her views on the current political climate.


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What is Markie Post’s height and weight?

Markie’s height is 5 feet 5 inches. She has maintained her figure as she weighs around 115 pounds.

Who is Markie Post’s husband?

Markie Post has been married twice. Her first marriage was with Stephen Knox, which only lasted for 2 years. Her second marriage would prove to be the real deal. Markie and actor and writer Michael Ross have been married for 37 years now.


Who are Markie Post’s daughters?

Markie and Michael have two daughters – Daisy and Katie Ross. Both daughters are blonde beauties like Markie Post.

How old is Markie Post?

Markie Post was born on November 4, 1950. This means that Markie is turning 72 this year.

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