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Get the Lowdown On Denzel Washington’s Son

All your questions answered about the son of Hollywood superstar Denzel Washington, John David Washington: His Outstanding Career on the PItch and On Film

John David Washington Overview – Denzel Washington’s Son

John David Washington is one of the four children of American actor and director Denzel Washington with Pauletta Pearson.

John earned a career in sports as a football player for the United Football League‘s Sacramento Mountain Lions where he was a running back. His football origins began when at Morehouse College and continued in St. Louis Rams.

Influenced by his parents, John also appeared in front of the camera and was even nominated as Best Actor for Motion Picture Drama at the Golden Globe Awards last year. What a talented guy he is!


What Nationality Is John David Washington?

John David Washington is American.

How Old Is John David Washington and How Much Does He Weigh?

Denzel Washington’s son was born on July 28, 1984, in Los Angeles, California, and will be 35 years old in 2020. His Zodiac sign is Leo.

His height is 1.75 m and he weighs 94 kilograms.

What Is John David Washington Net Worth

John David Washington’s net worth is $6 million.

Is John David Washington Single or Married?

Athletic, good looking and a great actor … who would not fall in love with a guy like John Washington? The good news, ladies, is he is single! In a recent Ellen interview, he described himself as ‘single AF.’ Seriously? How?

What Does John David Washington Do for a Living?

John David Washington has completely shifted his career from football to acting. He admitted that he has been in love with acting since he was five years old. Today he is involved in different projects such as films and TV series.

From moving away from the shadow of his father by choosing football, his life was finally diverted towards acting eventually, which many believed is a path truly destined for him.


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