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Adonis Graham: American Nationality, Age, Net Worth & More

Discover Adonis Graham’s nationality, age, and net worth. Born in the US, he currently lives in Amsterdam with his mother. Learn more about Drake’s son here.

Adonis Graham Overview – Drake’s Son

Adonis Graham is the child of Canadian rapper Drake and the French actress Sophie Brussaux. Since he was born, Adonis hasn’t spent much time with his father. It is rumored that his parents are not in love and not married. Drake and Sophie were seen on numerous dates in Amsterdam but they refused to disclose their relationship status until news of Sophie becoming pregnant with his son came out.

At first, Drake was unsure whether Adonis was his child. However, through a paternity test, it was proven that the child is Drake’s child after having a brief romance with Sophie. Drake only saw his son Adonis when Sophie had just given birth to him. However, the rapper is supporting his child and Sophie financially, and Sophie and her son are living a comfortable life in Amsterdam.

Here is Adonis Graham with his father Drake:



Who is Adonis Mahbed Graham?

Adonis’s middle name is ‘Mahbed’ which many people have speculated is probably a reference to one of Drake’s songs ‘God’s Plan’, in which his lyrics state: ” I only love my bed and my mama”.

Drake initially sought to keep Adonis away from the press until 2020 when he posted photos of Adonis on Instagram for the first time.


Adonis was also present at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards with his father Drake, who won the award for artist of the decade.

Is Adonis Graham a Martian?

No, Adonis Graham is actually American, born in the United States. He currently lives in Amsterdam with his mom, Sophie Brussaux.


How Many Candles Does Adonis Graham Blow Out?

Adonis Graham is 6 years old, celebrating his birthday on October 11, 2017.

What’s Adonis Graham’s Piggy Bank Looking Like?

Adonis is still in his piggy bank phase, but his dad Drake’s net worth is a jaw-dropping $150 million. Forbes even ranked him as one of the top 5 richest rappers in 2019, and he’s been the youngest on Forbes’ list for the past decade.

Who’s the Little Guy’s Daddy?

Adonis Graham is the son of the multi-talented rapper, songwriter, singer, producer, actor, and businessman Drake, and his mom is French artist Sophie Brussaux.


Who is Adonis Graham’s mother?

Sophie Brussaux is a retired porn star who used the alias Rosee Divine while she was appearing in x-rated movies.

Nowadays she earns a living as a painter and her work has appeared in exhibits in cities such as New York, Milan, and London as Sophie B.

Sophie and Drake met in January of 2017, and Sophie reportedly got pregnant very soon afterwards.

Drake was embroiled in a scandal when he demanded a paternity test for Adonis, not believing the boy was his son.

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