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Conor Clapton – The Tragic Story of Eric Clapton’s Son

Find out the heartbreaking story of Conor Clapton, son of musician Eric Clapton. Know about his tragic death and the hit song it inspired.

Conor Clapton – The Tragedy of Eric Clapton’s Son

Conor Clapton, one of the offspring of the legendary guitar god Eric Clapton, was born to Lory del Santo, a model who Eric allegedly had a fling with while still married to English model and photographer, Patti Boyd. Talk about a love triangle!

Sadly, Conor passed away at the tender age of four. In response to his son’s tragic death, Eric wrote the heart-wrenching song Tears in Heaven, which became a massive hit.



What year did Eric Clapton’s son die?

It was the tragic day of March 20, 1991, when Conor fell from an open window from the 53rd floor of a Manhattan building after the window was accidentally left open following cleaning work. Because of that, Eric Clapton started raising awareness about childproofing windows and staircases.

Conor Clapton’s funeral was held two days before his father Eric’s 46nd birthday. Eric attributes his sobriety to Conor, in the 2007 book Clapton: The Autobiography, writes:

“I really did it for Conor because I thought, no matter what kind of human being I was, I couldn’t stand being around him like that.”

Eric Clapton had already quit heroin by the late 1970’s, but was still addicted to cocaine and alcohol. When Conor was born in 1986 it gave him a reason to get clean.

After 3 years sober Eric said Conor’s death helped him to fully commit to his sobriety and he spent a long time dealing with his grief. He spent time between Britain and Antigua going to sobriety meetings and making music.

Eric Clapton wrote two songs inspired by the tragedy. ‘Circus Left Town’ is about taking his son to the circus the night before his death.


‘Tears in Heaven’ is a ballad that deals with questions of mortality and afterlife. ‘Tears in Heaven’ was an international success and ranked highly in the global charts.

What Nationality Was Conor Clapton?

Conor Clapton is American-English. He has Italian heritage from his mother Italian actress Lory del Santo.

How Old Was Conor Clapton?

Eric Clapton’s son was born on 21 August 1986, at St Mary’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom. Conor would have been 37 today. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

What Is Conor Clapton Net Worth?

Conor did not have a net worth but his father’s net worth is $300 million.

What Does Conor Clapton Do for a Living?

Conor Clapton didn’t get the chance to grow up and pursue a career.


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