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Tommy Zizzo: Police Officer, Net Worth, Dating Status, Nationality & More 🚔💷💏🏻🌍📺

Learn about Tommy Zizzo, an American police officer for the LAPD. His net worth is estimated at $200,000, and he is reportedly single.

Who is Erika Jayne’s son, Tommy Zizzo?❓

Tommy Zizzo is the son of American songstress, actress, and reality TV star Erika Nay Girardi, more commonly known as Erika Jayne. Erika had Tommy with Thomas Zizzo in 1994 at only 21 years old.

It was only because of his mother’s fame that people began to want all the goss on Tommy’s life. Reports have shown that it was incredibly difficult to collect information about Tommy because of his desire to stay away from the Hollywood and television spotlight. So, there is little known about Tommy and what he is doing today.

Tommy’s parents split when he was only 18 months old, and it’s rumored that he hasn’t seen his father since then.  Tommy continued to live with his mother in Pasadena and attended Rhodes School, before enrolling at New York College.


What’s Tommy Zizzo’s job?👮🏻

Tommy Zizzo is a real-life superhero, aka a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. He’s a Jersey boy who moved to LA, graduated from the police academy, and now works in both New Jersey and Los Angeles.


Tommy Zizzo graduated from the L.A.P.D. Academy in 2016🧑🏻‍🎓

What’s Tommy Zizzo’s nationality?🌍

Tommy Zizzo is American AF.

Tommy Zizzo, how tall is he?🤷

Reports have not specified his weight or height. But he has or short hair which is brown in color, and dark hazel eyes.


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What’s Tommy Zizzo’s net worth?💷

Tommy’s net worth is estimated at around $200,000. While it’s not chump change, it’s a tiny amount compared to his mother’s approximately $5 million net worth. As a police officer, his average base pay annually, according to 2020 statistics, ranges from $45,000 to $94,000, depending on his position.

Is Tommy Zizzo dating anyone?💏🏻

Tommy is reportedly single and has not been spotted going on dates. If he does have a girlfriend or wife, she’s probably a secret agent.


Is Tommy in the TV biz too?📺

Erika’s son is not in the acting business, and to our knowledge has never wanted to appear in front of a camera. Instead, Tommy is a real-life hero, aka a police officer.

Are there other famous celebrities related to Tommy Zizzo?👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Besides his famous mother, Tommy is related to actress Renee Chahoy. Renee is Tommy’s grandmother and is known for her work in Back to One: First Position (2017), The Cardinal Rule (2017), and Evolve (2019).

Tommy’s stepfather is the famous attorney Thomas Girardi. He founded Girardi & Keese, a law firm in Los Angeles with his partner, Robert Keese.


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