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Who is Gabriel Iglesias’ son? Meet Frankie Iglesias, the step-son of the comedian who keeps his life private.

Discover who Gabriel Iglesias’ son is and why he keeps his life private. Meet Frankie Iglesias, the step-son of the famous comedian.

Who is Gabriel Iglesias’ son?

Well, well, well, it seems like Frankie Iglesias is the lucky step-son of the hilarious stand-up comedian and TV personality, Gabriel Iglesias, aka Fluffy. But don’t get too excited, folks, because Gabriel is pretty tight-lipped about his son’s life. Maybe he’s just trying to protect Frankie from the paparazzi, or maybe he’s just trying to keep his son’s embarrassing childhood stories a secret. Who knows?

What we do know is that Frankie’s mother is the lovely Claudia Valdez, who was only recently revealed to the public. But as for Frankie’s father, Gabriel is keeping that information under lock and key. Heck, he might not even know himself! But one thing’s for sure, Gabriel loves his son more than anything and is happy to step up and be the father figure that Frankie never had. Aww, how sweet!


Does Gabriel Iglesias’s son also do stand-up comedy?

Gabriel has talked about Frankie during his routines over the years, but there is a lack of info on his son’s career choice. However, he’s been joining in with his father’s shows for several years now and can be seen with his father in his series, I’m N Fat… I’m Fluffy.


What nationality is Frankie Iglesias?

Frankie Iglesias is American and based on photos, it appears that he has Hispanic heritage.

How old is Frankie Iglesias and how much does he weigh?

Gabriel Iglesias’s son was born on December 8, 1997, in the United States. Frankie will be 26years old this year. His star sign is Sagittarius, which accounts for his caring attitude and great sense of humor.

Frankie is reportedly 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs 80 kilograms. There is no other information about his other measurements. Reports say that his father suffers from diabetes so Frankie is, wisely, watching his weight.

What is the net worth of Frankie Iglesias?

There are no reports on Frankie’s net worth. But his father is worth $30 million gained from his TV shows, so it is assumed he has a share in that amount.

Is Frankie Iglesias single or married?

Frankie is reportedly single. There are no rumors about his love life, although he does keep much of his life private.



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