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River Smith: The Tragic Story of Granger Smith’s Youngest Child

Discover the heartbreaking story of River Smith, the youngest child of country singer Granger Smith. Know about his life and tragic death.

River Smith – The Sad Truth

River Kelly ‘Riv’ Smith was the youngest offspring of the American country crooner and wordsmith, Granger Smith. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2019 and would have been 7 today. River’s mom and Granger’s better half is Amber Emily Bartlett. His siblings include sister London, 12, and brothers Lincoln, 9, and Maverick, 2.

Before River’s untimely passing in June 2019, there wasn’t much intel on the three-year-old tyke except for social media posts shared by his folks.



How Did Granger Smith’s Son Die?

River drowned in the family pool on June 6, 2019. Granger said that he was just playing gymnastics with his daughter London, while River and London were playing water guns, and the next thing he knew was they were trying to revive his young boy.

Granger believes that his son was put on Earth to live for only three years and he was happy that River was able to live his life to the fullest. They also donated River’s organs to other children, so that he could help them.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Granger Smith (@grangersmith)

The Instagram post said: “Riv was special. Everyone that met him knew that immediately. The joy he brought to our lives cannot be expressed and his light will be forever in our hearts. If there are words to say more, I cannot find them in this moment. Love the ones close to you. There has never been a more difficult moment for us than this.”

Furthermore, fans were asked not to sent gifts but instead donate to Dell Children’s Medical Center, Texas, in River’s honor.

River appears in the music video for Granger’s song Happens Like That:


You can read an interview with Granger about the music video that stars River here. 

Since the tragedy Granger and wife Amber have taught their children ISR (Infant Swim Rescue) and continue to promote water safety amongst infants.



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A post shared by Granger Smith (@grangersmith)

After River’s death his family set up the River Kelly Fund which aims to help community non-profits in need. The website says:

“River had three short years on this earth, but he absolutely lived them to the fullest. Everything he did was full speed ahead, wild red hair swooped back with a gleaming smile on his face. His light was contagious. He found joy in the small things.”

The family also shared this video, showing highlights of River’s life, on their YouTube channel The Smiths:


Before the photo montage at the end Granger says: “Don’t feel sorry for us, because we feel very blessed, we had an incredible little boy for three years we feel really good about that and we feel really good about our other kids and their state of mind right now. And we are going to live our best life.”

What Nationality Was River Smith?

River Smith was born in Texas and was American.

Here is River (middle) with brother Lincoln (left) and sister London (right):

How Old Was River Smith When He Died?

River Smith was born on May 16, 2016, in the United States. He was three when the tragic incident happened. His Zodiac sign was Taurus.

What Was River Smith’s Net Worth

River Smith has no recorded net worth. His father’s net worth is $6 million.

River Smith Photo Gallery


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