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Why is Everyone Saying iDubbbz is Simping? Is his Girlfriend Really that Bad?

Who is iDubbbz’s Girlfriend?

Ian Carter is a comedian and YouTube personality known as iDubbbz. He has several channels in the video platform –  iDubbbzgames, iDubbbzTV, and iDubbbzTV2 which have garnered over 7 million followers. Ian started his YouTube career in 2012 with gaming content as his niche, introducing the comedic element soon after. Aside from his usual game stream, Ian’s YouTube content is famous for his comedy series entitled Content Cop. His style of comedic criticism has found a huge following and most of his targets could be considered YouTube roasters.

iDubbbzTV demonstrating his unique style of comedy:

Ian’s YouTube career although well-received by most fans was not without controversy. Some of his videos were criticized for insensitive content mainly on his video where he used the N-word and offended people of color. Another aspect of his life under scrutiny is his love life.

Ian is in a long-term relationship with Twitch gamer and streamer Anisa Jomha. Although they have been together since 2016, fans have run their scrutinizing eyes over Anisa. Fans seem not to like the Twitch gamer because she started out as a “boobie streamer”. If you are unfamiliar with the term “boobie streamer” it is a discriminatory term that is used to describe female streamers who wear low cut tops and focus the camera more on their breasts rather than on the game in order to elicit donations from their fans. Anisa Jomha’s recent move this March 2020 to open an account at OnlyFans made her more of a target by her critics. The site is known for featuring sex workers and Anisa’s opening of an account made her even worse in the eyes of her boyfriend’s fans. They questioned Ian for not responding to the allegations against his girlfriend when he himself discriminates against other “boobie streamers”. Other critics even call Ian a “simp” or submissive to his girlfriend.

Anisa has opened an Only Fans account which enraged iDubbbz’s fans



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Thanks for the love and support, my onlyfans did a lot better than I expected it to ♥️

A post shared by Anisa (@anisajomha) on

Ian reacted negatively to these allegations, saying that he does not mind even if his followers do not look up to him anymore besides he is not their father. Although Ian has no comment regarding his fans’ accusations against his girlfriend’s provocative actions, Anisa has recently retired as a “boobie streamer” for now.

Anisa & iDubbbz seem very happy and in love:


What is the nationality of Anisa Jomha?

Anisa Jomha’s nationality is Canadian.

How old is Anisa Jomha?

Anisa Jomha was born on June 25, 1993. She is now 29 years old.

What is Anisa Jomha’s weight and height?

Anisa Jomha is 167 cm tall and weighs around 55 kg.

Anisa Jomha Photo Gallery

Is Anisa Jomha married to iDubbbz?

Anisa Jomha is in a relationship with iDubbbz, and there are no reports of them talking about tying the marital knot.


How much is Anisa Jomha worth?

Anisa Jomha’s net worth is estimated to go as high as $1 million from $100 thousand and is still under review.

Anisa Jomha’s latest Tweets on Twitter


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