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Trevor Lawrence’s Girlfriend – The Lowdown on Marissa Mowry

Marissa Ashley Mowry overview

Trevor is an American football player for the team Clemson Tigers. He is currently dating an American aspiring model and a soccer player, Marissa Mowry. Currently, she is the forward of the Anderson Trojans team at the University of Andersons.

She was born in Cartersville in Georgia, USA. She is the daughter of a businesswoman in Atlanta, Kelly Mowry and Steve Mowry.


At a young age, Mowry attended Cartersville High School and at Darlington School Soccer Academy at Anderson University in the USA. She is currently taking a degree in public relations.

Being immensely athletic, Mowry was regarded by her coaches to be the top player of the team. Aside from her athletic side, she is also an aspiring model.

What nationality is Marissa Mowry?

Marissa Mowry was born in Cartersville, Georgia and is an American and Caucasian.

How old is Marissa Mowry and how much does she weigh?

Being born on November 10, 1999, Mairssa is currently 20 years old and is a Scorpio.

How tall is Marissa Mowry and how much does she weigh?

She stands at 175.3cm or 5’10’’ and weighs 132.3lbs or 60 kilograms.

How much is Marissa Mowry’s net worth?

Marissa Mowry has a net worth of 200,000 thousand dollars due to being a soccer player and a model.


Is Marissa Mowry single or married?

Marissa Mowry is currently dating Trevor Lawrence, the football quarterback for the Clemson Tigers. The two have been dating for several years, more precisely, from 2016 when they met. They are high school sweethearts.

Does Marissa Mowry have any children?

Marissa doesn’t have any kids.

What does Marissa Mowry do for a living?

Marissa Mowry is currently a soccer player who represents Anderson University’s soccer team, Anderson Trojans.

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