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Jacqueline Ray – Her Ultimate Bio

Find out all the unknown news and goss about Jacqueline Ray: Her marriage to Tom Selleck, the story of her imprisonment for hiring a hitman, & more

Jacqueline Ray Overview

Jacqueline Ray is a former American actress and model, who became known for her performance in the movie In Like Flint, paving the way to Hollywood. She starred in two movies The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980) and Beyond The Universe (1981), becoming better known all the time. Jacqueline also appeared in the American drama series Magnum, P.I. and in 2006, earned a role in teen TV show Unfabulous and its spin-off Unfabulous: The Best Trip Ever.

Jacqueline married three times. Her first husband was Shepard, and in 1966, Jacqueline gave birth to their son, Kevin. They then separated, and she married film producer and actor Tom Selleck on May 15, 1971, becoming Hollywood’s power couple. However, after 11 years, she filed for divorce because Tom Selleck moved to Hawaii in order to film for a movie. As she later played alongside Selleck in Magnum P.I, we assume they kept things amicable.

In March 1992, Jacqueline married for the third time, to Clarence Barry Witmer, later having a daughter – Umeko. However, in 2014, Jacqueline was sentenced to 18 years after hiring a hitman to kill her now-grown-up daughter’s husband, Leon Bauchum. He had allegedly assaulted Umeko and their children, and was found tied up, badly beaten, shot, and dumped in a ditch!

Where was Jacqueline Ray born?

Jacqueline is American as she was born in Burbank, California, United States.

How old is Jacqueline Ray and how much does she weigh?

Jacqueline Mary Ray was born on July 27, 1956, and is 64 years old. Her weight is unknown.

What is Jacqueline Ray’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Jacqueline Ray is at $5 million.

Is Jacqueline Ray single or married?

Jacqueline had three unsuccessful marriages. Currently, she is imprisoned and serving her sentence for hiring a hitman to kill her son-in-law who abused both her daughter and grandchildren.

What does Jacqueline Ray do for a living?

Jacqueline was a very popular actress and model in the 1980s.

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