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The Unknown Life of Joseph and Coni Momoa: A Look into Jason Momoa’s Family History

Uncover the unknown details about Joseph and Coni Momoa, Jason Momoa’s parents. Learn how his mother raised him alone and how he reconnected with his father.

Jason Momoa Got His Good Genes From These People

Joseph Momoa is the father of American actor, Jason Momoa. He is of Native Hawaiian descent. Jason’s mother is Coni Momoa. She has mixed Native American, German, and Irish ancestry. The two met on the island of Honolulu in the 1970s and Jason was born in 1979.

In 2018, Jason finally revealed a pic of his father on Instagram holding a conch in front of a poster of his son as Aquaman, highlighting the cultural depth Momoa brings to this role.


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What’s the scoop on Joseph and Coni Momoa?

The deets on Joseph and Coni Momoa’s life and marriage are about as elusive as a unicorn. They split up before Jason Momoa became a Hollywood heartthrob. Jason actually grew up in Iowa with his mom, who deserves a medal for raising him solo and sending him to school all by herself.

Jason credits his dad, a painter in Hawaii, for passing down his creative genes. Unfortunately, his parents separated when he was young, so he and his mom moved to Iowa.

Joseph wasn’t around much during Jason’s formative years, but the good news is that they’ve since reconciled. Jason’s all about embracing his Hawaiian heritage these days.

Jason Momoa with his Hawaiian uncle

Where do Jason Momoa’s parents come from?

Jason’s father, Joseph, is, technically, of American nationality but he’s of Native Hawaiian descent, living on the island of Honolulu all his life. Jason’s mother is of American nationality, from the mainland United States.

Where do Jason Moma’s parents work?

Joseph Momoa worked as a painter in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Coni is a photographer. She raised Jason alone in Iowa, working up to 4 jobs through his high school studies to support them.

What is the net worth of Jason Momoa’s parents?

The estimated net worth of Jason Momoa’s father, Joseph, is unknown. Coni Momoa’s net worth is also unknown. Their son, Jason Momoa, has an estimated net worth of $20 Million (as of 2019).

Are Jason Momoa’s parents still together?

Joseph and Coni Momoa got divorced when Jason Momoa was still a kid. Coni often attends premieres with his mother, Coni, but no pictures are available online of his father. When Jason became a father himself, he said he didn’t know anything about fatherhood, never having seen his own father in action. Seems like a great opportunity to start afresh which Jason Momoa took seriously, spending all possible time with his family.


Do Joseph and Coni Momoa have other children?

No. Jason Momoa is the only son of Joseph and Coni Momoa.

Jason Momoa with his friend and fellow GOT actress Emilia Clarke

Joseph and Coni Momoa Photo Gallery

Jason Momoa says his mom is a hero

Do you want to get in contact with Jason Momoa and his parents?

If our article has left you wanting more of Jason Momoa and his family, even getting in touch with them, we will take a look through our archives to find the answers for you. Click here to let us know what you’re looking for!




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