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Who are Joanna Gaines’ Parents? The Lowdown on Jerry and Nan

All your questions answered about the parents of the Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines, Jerry and Nan Stevens: The Rumors and Their Long Romance

Who are Joanna Gaines’ parents?

Joanna Gaines is known for her work with her husband Chip Gaines in the show Fixer Upper in 2013. Although she left the show in 2017, it has continued to be a great success. She was born in Waco, Texas, in the United States of America to parents Jerry Stevens and Nan Stevens in 1978.

Born to Christian parents, she has upheld Christian values throughout her life as she and her husband renovate houses for less fortunate people and families. Joanna’s parents have been married for more than 40 years now. They met in Seoul, South Korea during a party in 1969. Eventually, they got married.


Jerry Stevens was under investigation for being involved in a prostitution ring in Texas. Although his involvement was only in rumors, he was still investigated during that time. They found that he was not guilty of any allegations and no charges were filed as well.

What nationality are Jerry and Nan?

Jerry has German and Lebanese roots. Meanwhile, Nan is Korean.

How old are Jerry and Nan?

Both parents’ ages are not available to the public at the moment.

What do Jerry and Nan do for a living?

Jerry used to be a soldier. He was a war veteran and was stationed in Korea in 1969. He also had many businesses such as a tire shop and a car repair shop.

Nan Stevens’ work is not known to the public. But it has been stated that Jerry and Nan opened a mechanic shop together to service cars.

What is the net worth of Jerry and Nan?

Both parents’ net worth is not available at the moment. But Joanna Gaines is worth $9 million dollars and both parents have various businesses to their name.


Are Jerry and Nan together or divorced?

Her parents are currently still happily married.

Do Jerry and Nan have other children?

Aside from Joanna, Jerry and Nan have two other children; Teresa Criswell, who is Joanna’s older sister, and Mary Kay McCall. Joanna currently lives in Texas and works as a blogger and social media influencer. Meanwhile, Mary Kay, or Mickey, loves to take care of plants and she has six children.

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