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What You Need to Know About Jennie Pegouskie

Her net worth, relationships, age, occupation and more!

Jennie Pegouskie – Beauty & Brains

Jennie Pegouskie was born on August 14, 1988.  She is now 34 years old. Growing up in Seattle, Jennie developed an interest and talent in dancing. She attended the University of Washington where she acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Communication. She graduated in 2010.

With her love for stage performance, Jennie was also active in several theatre performances during high-school then all the way to college. Since 2016, she has then been promoted as the Director of Marketing of Team Foster at Avenue Properties.


Despite following a different career path, Jennie has always been versatile in the entertainment world, making an impact with appearances on Ellen DeGeneres Show and other notable stints. She also models, which shows how multi-talented she is.


How tall is Jennie Pegouskie and much does she weigh?

The dancer-model stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs about 128 lbs.

Who did Jennie Pegouskie marry?

Jennie is said to be dating Kamel Bentot, a Seattle-based director, who has shown up in several of Jennie’s Instagram posts. There have been rumors about the two being married, but no such evidence has surfaced.

How much is Jennie Pegouskie worth?

Jennie’s net worth is an estimated $1 million.

What Ed Sheeran Song Features Jennie Pegouskie?

Jennie was featured as the lead model of Ed Sheeran’s popular hit and music video, Shape of You. Fun fact: she also worked as the assistant production supervisor of the MV.

What nationality is Jennie Pegouskie?

Jennie is American by nationality. Although, it is reported that she is a part of the Blasian ethnicity. Blasian is a mix of Caucasian and Black Asian races. Her mother is originally from Thailand.


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