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Jenny Taft: Relationship Status, Net Worth & More!

Who is Jenny Taft?

Not much could be said of a woman who has breathed and lived a life in sports. Although she is not a professional athlete herself, her contributions to American sports are almost unparalleled even though she will only be 32-years-old in 2020. Being the daughter of John Taft, who was once a professional hockey defenseman and part of the United States ice hockey contingent in the 1976 Winter Olympics, Jenny always had sports in her blood. Coincidentally, she would marry an ice hockey player – Matt Gilroy.

For a time, Jenny Taft tried her hand in the sports of lacrosse. Still, more than actually playing sports, her track record in sports commenting shows just how good she is. To date, Jenny Taft is the moderator for the sports and podcast show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed and star college football sideline reporter for Fox Sports. She has worked her way from being the Fox Sports Girl, when she served as a sideline reporter for Minnesota’s female professional basketball team, to eventually succeeding other female big names such as Joy Taylor in the sports commentating and hosting field. Particularly in American football and soccer, her work on the sidelines has given great material for many sports analysts such as Joel Klatt and Gus Johnson. Her versatility in commentating and hosting is not only limited to professional and college football and men and women’s basketball as her resumé also includes hosting for other non-mainstream events such as dog shows.


What else do we know about Jenny Taft?

In a nutshell, Jenny Taft is a sports enthusiast, journalist, college and professional sports sideline reporter, host, commentator, and anchor for well-followed sports shows. Her fame in the field of sports commentating and hosting came after her successful stint as a sports analyst and reporter for the women’s contingent for the US National Women’s team. The long list of sports engagements that Jenny Taft has been part of is a testament to her dedication to American sports. She is a well-followed sports commentator and analyst as she has more than 50k followers on Instagram.

What is the nationality of Jenny Taft?

Jenny Taft was born in Edina, Minnesota on September 5, 1987, and is an American. She has lived much of her life in the colder states of the US as she attended high school in Edina High School and college at Boston University.

How tall is Jenny Taft and how much does she weigh?

Jenny stands 5ft9 and weighs around 135lbs.

Is Jenny Taft married or single?

Jenny Taft dated for quite some time her boyfriend, an ice hockey player. She is now married to the same – Matt Gilroy.

How much is Jenny Taft’s net worth?

Being the hardworking and articulate news commentator and host that Jenny Taft is, she has made more or less $2 million in total earnings.

How many kids does Jenny Taft have?

While Jenny remains to be happily married, Jenny and Matt have no children.

How old is Jenny Taft?

With her birthday being in September this 2020, Jenny Taft will turn 32.

Jenny Taft with the one and only, Snoop Dogg at Miami Beach, Florida


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The best! @snoopdogg

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Jenny Taft and her brother, Charlie Taft as children

Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🎁

Posted by Jenny Taft on Monday, December 25, 2017


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