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The Story of Rick Lagina: Solving the Oak Island Mystery and Uncovering Buried Treasure on Reality TV ????? #CurseOfOakIsland

Discover the story of Rick Lagina, the everyday American who pursued his childhood dreams of solving mysteries and digging up hidden treasure on the famous Oak Island. Follow his journey on the hit reality TV show, The Curse of Oak Island.

The Epic Tale of Rick Lagina

Rick Lagina, your average Joe from America, had a childhood dream of becoming a hero by solving mysteries and unearthing hidden treasures. And boy, did he make it happen!

After years of working on other projects, Rick finally found the courage and time to pursue his lifelong dream of solving the Oak Island Mystery. This mystery involves pirates, the Holy Grail, the English Bard, and plenty of swashbuckling – and it’s all part of Rick’s mission that inspired the reality TV show The Curse of Oak IslandYes, there’s even a curse involved 😱😮😱

The show follows Rick and his brother Marty as they explore the haunted Oak Island in search of what is believed to be buried treasure worth millions. The brothers stumbled upon information about the Island while reading an issue of Reader’s Digest that featured the story. When a TV company approached them to shoot a reality TV show about the Island, they embarked on the quest with two other treasure hunters. The show premiered in January 2014 and is now in its sixth season, captivating audiences worldwide.

To increase their chances of finding the Island’s treasure, Rick and Marty sought the help of archeological and historical experts, along with high-tech gadgets and sheer determination. Who knows what they’ll find next? Tune in to The Curse of Oak Island to find out!

Rick Lagina & his brother Marty on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:


What does Rick Lagina do?

Before becoming a celebrity, Rick was a regular American guy who held a job at the post office. After retiring, he and his brother Marty went to explore Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, hoping to avoid the curse and find the buried treasure. The adventure wasn’t without its perils, but sheer grit and determination carried them onwards in their search.

How much is Rick Lagina’s net worth?

Being a retired post office worker, it is believed that Rick and his brother Marty pooled their earnings to purchase part of Oak Island. They have erected a museum and continued to channel their earnings towards their goal. With Rick’s pursuits including his reality TV show, he has an estimated net worth of $2 million.


How old is Rick Lagina?

Born on January 25, 1952, Rick is 54-years-old.

Who is Rick Lagina’s wife?

It is difficult to ascertain the marital status of Rick as he avoids putting any personal details on social media. Although there are pictures of him and his brother’s family circulating, it remains unclear whether Rick is married or single.

The mystery of Rick Lagina’s wife has inspired many people to fabricate stories of Lagina’s sexuality, with many fans believing he might be gay. However, Rick Lagina has remained unfazed by such headlines and is yet to reveal his marital status.

How many kids does Rick Lagina have?

There is no report that Rick has any children.


How tall is Rick Lagina and how much does he weigh?

At 5 feet 9 inches, Rick Lagina stands one inch taller than his brother. His estimated weight is around 180 to 185 pounds.

Rick Lagina Photo Gallery

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