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Jessica Scales Wilder, The Ex Wife Of Boxing Champion Deontay Wilder

Who Is Jessica Scales Wilder?

Born to parents Simon and Lynnette Scales, Jessica Scales Wilder is the former longterm girlfriend and wife of professional American boxer Deontay Wilder, the heavyweight giant who held the World Boxing Council heavyweight title from 2015 until 2020. She and Deontay were together for a number of years in which time they had children together, but in 2017 the pair divorced and went their separate ways. Whilst Jessica has dabbled in the world of acting her only real claim to fame is her famous marriage and since the couple’s separation, it seems she has avoided the spotlight with her priorities now being focused on raising her children and living a hassle-free life; poles apart from her former husband and his frequently headline-grabbing fighting career.

How did Jessica Scales Wilder meet Deontay Wilder?

Though Deontay and Jessica intentionally maintained a very private life whilst dating and little is known about how the couple even met, both attended the Shelton State Community college, so it’s likely that they met here. Given that this was long before Deontay’s professional career took swing, with the now world-recognizable face having once dreamed of an alternate sporting career in either football or basketball and that it was luck he even attended the college – or his lack thereof with failing grades unable to grant him a better place – this would imply the romance started for no other reason than the two being genuinely in love. They married in 2009.


Why did Deontay Wilder split up with Jessica Scales Wilder?

No-one truly knows for certain what caused the breakdown in 2017 of their marriage but Deontay has since moved on with his life and his current love seems to be at the very opposite end of the personality spectrum, so it’s possible they just came to realize they’d grown apart and were no longer right for one another. They still have children together and neither one has said anything negative in regards to their former love so it seems to have been amicable, though rumors are still floating about that Deontay may have been unfaithful whilst still married to Jessica.

What is the birthplace of Jessica Scales Wilder?

Jessica Lynne Scales Wilder is an African American who was born and raised in the Southeastern U.S state of Alabama where she grew up. Here she attended Shelton State Community College located in Tuscaloosa for her studies.

How old is Jessica Scales Wilder?

Despite Jessica having hidden herself shyly from the spotlight and keeping a degree of anonymity, most likely to protect her children and family from the negative press which frequently finds itself attached to the boxing world, Jessica is rumored to have been born in 1986, though the exact date is unknown. This would make her approximately 35 years of age. Deontay’s birthdate, on the other hand, is well known. He was born on October 22nd, 1985, making him also 35 years-old and a Libra under the zodiac signs.

How tall is Jessica Scales Wilder?

It is unknown how much the shy former partner of Deontay weighs or how tall she is, although he stands at an incredible 2.01 meters (6ft 7inches) which must be advantageous to his reach within the ring.

What does Jessica Scales do for a living?

Not a lot is known about her job history, however we do know that she has quite the passion for acting and stared in a 2018 short film called To Stay and to Serve: Life on Wigton’s Homefront.

Trailer to short film staring Jessica Scales

How much is Jessica Scales Wilder’s net worth?

In spite of her marriage and proceeding divorce to such a famous sportsman, Jessica’s financial status has never been disclosed publicly, although she is widely rumored to have a net worth in excess of $1 million. The boxer must be paying child support for their shared offspring, especially with a current net worth of his own at over $30 million!


How many kids do Jessica Scales Wilder and Deontay have?

Jessica Scales Wilder has three children in total, Deontay Wilder jr. and Dereon Wilder her two sons and one daughter Ava Wilder, all of which were fathered by her ex-husband. Deontay however is father to a further five children, eight in total between four partners, although he speaks positively about his experience of fatherhood in spite of the huge responsibility he must bear. Deontay, himself the eldest of a family of eight siblings, admits he was often the child who got handed the majority of the house chores and was found looking after his younger brothers and sisters, one of which is fellow boxer Marsellos Wilder.

Though Deontay doesn’t like to put his family into the public eye too much, he’s never shied away from talking about just how much all of his children mean to him and why he values the large family unit he has. His eldest daughter who was born with spina bifida, a birth defect in which the melding of the spine and the membranes surrounding the spinal cord are affected, appears to be his proudest achievement. Though he and mother Helen Duncan, his partner at the time, were worried when doctors informed them their baby may never be able to walk or talk, she miraculously defied all expectations and went on to do both. She attends school with no issues and now at the age of fourteen, is one of the brightest students in her class!

Deontay with his current girlfriend and youngest daughter

Who is Deontay Wilder’s new girlfriend?

Since Jessica and Deontays’ 2009 split, the father and professional boxer has found a new love to cheer him on courtside of the ring, a woman who in contrast to his former partner, seems very comfortable standing in the public eye. Telli Swift, the well-traveled actress, model and star of American television reality series WAGS Atlanta, who was born in the Philippines before being raised in Japan and then moving to Los Angeles, has been a prominent feature at matches alongside her beau in recent years.

Telli’s impressive near half-million followers on her Instagram account show her contrasting love of the limelight and it was in fact here, in Telli’s DMs that the pair first entertained romance, after they initially met and were attracted to one another at a Los Angeles airport in 2015. Though Telli was committed from the offset, Deontay was very reluctant to jump in the deep end and felt like they might be going a bit too fast. When asked why he felt that way he said he was scared he might get his heartbroken. Telli didn’t give up though and the pair have now been engaged over two years and even have a two-year-old daughter together named Kaorii Lee, born on March 7, 2018.

Deontay with Telli on the cover of JMG Lifestyle magazine


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