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Colin Cowherd Is Madly In Love With His “New” Wife! Find Out Everything There Is To Know

Who is Colin Cowherd’s New Wife, Ann Cowherd?

Ann is the second wife of Colin Cowherd, the successful American sports presenter, TV personality, radio host, and businessman. The pair were introduced to one another through mutual friend Trace Gallagher in Los Angeles following the breakdown of Colin’s eleven-year first marriage to model Kimberly Ann Vadala, who he got divorced from in 2007. Ann dated the sports host for a few years, taking time to assure the bond of the children both brought to the relationship from previous partners, before agreeing to marry Colin in a private and intimate ceremony, alongside close relatives in 2010.

Following the union, the happy couple and their combined family of eight now live together in a large Californian mansion on the beach, with Ann preferring to remain home to attend to family life rather than join her husband in his often controversy-laden television career in the spotlight, and the glitzy media circuit surrounding it.


Colin Cowherd & Ann Cowherd’s 10 year anniversary


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10 years tonight and I’m still on my honeymoon.

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How old is Ann Cowherd?

It is believed Ann is in her fifties though her discretion and reluctance to be a trophy wife has kept her exact age a firm secret. She doesn’t even have any social media accounts, choosing to keep her distance from her husband’s life in front of the cameras.

What is Ann Cowherd’s birthplace?

The spouse of the well-known sports presenter is an American by birth, though her privacy and decision to keep such a low profile has not afforded the media any knowledge of where Ann was raised in the states. She and Colin’s current residence is a dream mansion in Manhattan Beach.

What is Ann Cowherd’s height?

The attractive blonde has been seen on multiple occasions in a supportive role at the side of husband Colin, clearly working out to keep her figure in perfect shape but she hasn’t ever disclosed details of her exact measurements. She stands not too much shorter than the 1.87 meter (6.1 ft) Colin though, so it seems as if she has some height of her own!

How much is Ann Cowherd’s worth?

Little is known about Ann Cowherd’s professional life and earnings but her husband is worth an incredible $14 million, with revenue from both his career as a sports media personality and his work on the side as a real estate investor affording them a very comfortable lifestyle.

Does Anne Cowherd have children?

Ann and her famous husband Colin have six children in total, though none of them are children they share from their own marriage. Although there is no information available on the father of Ann’s children, she is a mother to four of her own from her past relationship and Colin has two whom he fathered, whilst married to Kimberly Ann Vadala.

Colin Cowherd with his daughter Liv


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Family time

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Complaints and network sacking

Over the years, Colin Cowherd has found himself in hot water on multiple occasions for his reluctance to curb his quick tongue when on the air. The outspoken sports anchor has an apparent reluctance to learn from the controversy which has surrounded his career and instead seems to play off of it, although this hasn’t come without a price. After the first instance of criticism in 2005 when Cowherd made some ill-timed and unfeeling remarks, in relation to the death of professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero who had just died, calling the announcement “not newsworthy” the network ESPN was forced to apologize.


A couple of years later and Colin was at it again, this time provoking viewers into “blowing up” the sports blog The Big Lead which overloaded the site with traffic and made it unable to function for 48 hours. Though ESPN didn’t rebuke the incident with any official line of discipline, ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber was none too happy, describing his actions as “immature, arrogant and irresponsible“. This same year Colin again made insensitive remarks, this time in reference to American footballer Sean Taylor, who had just been shot and killed in a brutal home invasion.

In 2015 it seemed his network ESPN’s previous forgiving nature had come to an end and the host was finally given the push after he made remarks insinuating the Dominican Republic’s success in baseball was somehow linked to poor academic standards within the country. The network cut ties with the presenter but he wasn’t backing down, saying, “I could’ve said a third of baseball’s talent is being furnished from countries with economic hardships, therefore educational hurdles. For the record, I used the Dominican Republic because they’ve furnished baseball with so many great players.”

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