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John Ritter’s Sons: Jason and Tyler’s Acting Legacy

Find out the background of John Ritter’s sons, Jason and Tyler, who have continued his acting legacy with award-winning roles in Parenthood and Frozen 2.

Meet John Ritter’s Sons: Jason and Tyler Ritter

You may remember John Ritter as the lovable Jack Tripper from the classic sitcom Three’s Company. He won a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award for his performance, but his legacy lives on through his talented sons, Jason and Tyler.

Jason has made a name for himself with award-winning roles in Parenthood and the animated blockbuster Frozen 2. Meanwhile, Tyler starred in the 2018 movie Stillwater. It’s safe to say that acting runs in the family!

John also had a daughter named Stella Ritter, who is now known as Noah Lee Ritter after coming out as transgender in 2017. While Noah prefers to stay out of the limelight, we’re sure John would be proud of all his children and their unique paths in life. Want to learn more about Noah’s journey? Check out this article.


Jason Ritter opens up about his Dad’s death and following in his footsteps


What nationality are Jason and Tyler Ritter?

Both Jason and Tyler are American.

How old are Jason and Tyler Ritter?

Jason was born on February 17, 1980, making him 44 while 39-year-old Tyler was born on January 31, 1985.


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What are Jason and Tyler Ritter worth?

The net worth of Jason Ritter from working as an actor is $6 million. Coincidentally, this is also the estimated net worth of Tyler.

Are Jason and Tyler Ritter single or married?

Jason is engaged to actress Melanie Lynskey and the couple had their first child in December 2018. Tyler has been married to Lelia Parma, an Argentine film director, since 2007. They have one child.


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What do Jason and Tyler Ritter do as a career?

Both Jason and Tyler Ritter are actors just like their late father John Ritter and mother Nancy Karen Morgan.

Who are John Ritter’s sons?

They are Jason and Tyler Ritter. John also has a transgender son. Stella Ritter transitioned to Noah Lee Ritter in 2017.

Did John Ritter have a son who is an actor?

Both Jason and Tyler Ritter are successful actors. Tyler is known for his role in US sitcom, The McCarthys, amongst other shows. Jason Ritter received an Emmy Award nomination for his NBC television series Parenthood.

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