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Jackson Theron – The Story of the Adopted Child of Charlize Theron

Everything that you ever wanted to know about Charlize Theron’s adopted transgender child, Jackson Theron: Her True Gender Identity, and more!

Jackson Theron Overview – Charlize Theron’s Son

Jackson Theron is the adopted child of Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron. She is a transgender child from South Africa. Charlize adopted Jackson legally and raised her together with another adopted child. Later, she shocked the media when she announced the true gender identity of Jackson.

Charlize has always been an LGBTQ activist, and when she learned the real gender identity of Jackson, she accepted her new daughter wholeheartedly. Because of her love for Jackson, she even, allegedly, broke off her engagement with her fiancé, actor Sean Penn, when she knew that he had no plans of legally adopting Jackson. However, she has since clarified these rumors as untrue. Now, she is happily raising her two daughters.

Charlize Theron with daughter, Jackson Theron as a baby

Charlize Theron Tearfully Recounts Two-Year Process of Adopting Baby Jackson - Us Weekly


How Old Is Jackson Theron?

Jackson Theron’s exact birthday is unknown, but we do know that she was born in 2012, making her 9 years old.

Why Is Charlize Theron Dressing Her Son As A Girl?

Charlize Theron adopted Jackson through an orphanage in South Africa. She raised him as a boy. However, she shocked the media when she finally revealed the real sexual identity of her son. He is transgender and identified as a girl from a very young age.

Charlize Theron talks about Jackson’s hurt feelings over ‘wrong pronouns’

Why Does Charlize Theron Brush Her Son In Tully?

The technique is part of a recognized sensory integration program to help decrease the symptoms of tactile defensiveness and autism.

Does Charlize Theron have other children?

Yes, Charlize has another daughter named August Theron. She adopted August in 2015, an African-American girl born in the United States.

Charlize Theron shares photos of her two beautiful daughters, Jackson and August

What Nationality Is Jackson Theron?

Charlize Theron always wanted to adopt children. She started visiting orphanages in South Africa and adopted Jackson from an African-American couple.


What Is Jackson Theron’s Net Worth

Jackson Theron is yet to have a net worth considering her young age. However, her mother, Charlize Theron is a famous actress and producer and was once ranked by Forbes as the 9th highest-paid actress in the world, with a net worth of $160 million, with an annual salary of $23 million.

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