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Who Are Julia Louis Dreyfus’ Sons? – Henry and Charlie Hall

Everythign that you ever wanted to know about the sons of Julia Louis Dreyfus – Henry and Charlie Hall: Their Careers, Families and Hobbies

Who are Julia Louis Dreyfus’ sons?

American actress Julia Louis Dreyfus has two sons, Henry and Charlie Hall. Henry Hall is the eldest of the two sons and was born on July 1, 1992. He is currently 27 years old. Charlie Hall is the second son, born on May 30, 1997 and is 22 years old. Both of Julia’s sons are with husband Brad Hall, who is also an American actor, comedian, and director.


What nationality are Henry and Charlie?

Both Charlie and Henry Hall are of American nationality.

How old are Henry and Charlie and how much do they weigh?

Henry Hall is 30 years old but details about his weight are unknown. Charlie Hall is 25 years old and weighs 95 kg at 1.96 meters in height.

What are Henry and Charlie’s net worth?

Both Julia Louis Dreyfus’ sons are looking to follow in the path of their parents with a career in Hollywood. However, details about their net worth remain unknown to the public. The estimated net worth of their mother, Julia Louis Dreyfus, is estimated at $200 Million.

Are Henry and Charlie married or single?

Both Charlie and Henry Hall are currently single and do not have spouses or girlfriends.

What do Henry and Charlie do for a living?

Both sons have expressed interest in following their parents’ footsteps. Charlie Hall, for example, is currently involved in his own web series. Henry Hall is a successful singer and songwriter. He has played for many successful college bands but has since established his own solo career. He plays the guitar.


Do Henry and Charlie have their own children?

No. Neither of Julia Louis Dreyfus’ sons has their own children as of this writing.

Highlights from Henry Hall’s Instagram

Charlie Hall as a child with his mother, Julia Louis Dreyfus


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Wow. After all these years we’re still in the same staring contest. Happy birthday Mom! I hope you blink!

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