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Get the Lowdown on Karla James

Everything you have ever wanted to know about the adult model, Karla James: Her modeling career, marriage to Jesse James, her daughter’s meth addiction & more!

Karla James Overview

Jamie Leigh Tiffany better known as Karla James is the wife of West Coast Choppers’ frontman Jesse James. She was born in Yorkshire, England on July 18, 1968. Jamie is an adult model. Throughout her modeling career, Karla has been famous due to her huge breasts. She isn’t very keen on sharing her details which is the reason why little is known of her early life. Details such as her education, nationality, and religion were not revealed to the public.

However, it is noted that Karla started modeling after her divorce with Jesse. Because of financial struggles, she accepted a job as an adult model. Previously, Karla was employed as a pedicure, manicure, and makeup artist before she got a role in the movie ‘On Location: Grand Bahama’. Eventually, she became successful with her modeling career and she was featured on the cover of the magazine including the “Score” magazine.


What nationality is Karla James?

The nationality of Karla James was not revealed to the public. It is assumed that she is of English nationality.

How old is Karla James?

Karla James will be 53 this year.

What is Karla James’s net worth?

Karla James’s net worth has not been revealed to the public.

Is Karla James single?

Karla is the first wife of TV personality Jesse James, former CEO of Austin, a speed shop in Texas. He is also a TV personality. The couple got married in 1996. But their love story didn’t have a happy ending. In 2002, Karla and Jesse divorced.

The couple had two children, a daughter with the name Chandler Eden James born in 1995 and son Jesse Gregory James, Jr. which was taken after his father’s name. Unfortunately, it was recently revealed that her daughter, Chandler, has been struggling with a meth addiction. She has often been photographed inhaling substances while partying with her friends, while an anonymous source also reported that she went to extreme lengths to get a “high”, even inhaling keyboard cleaner substances. Her father told the press that she has been admitted to rehab and is now getting past her addiction.

What does Karla James do for a living?

Karla is an adult model but insisted that she is not a pornstar.


Karla James Photo Gallery

Karla James’s ex-husband, Jesse James


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