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Allegra Cole: Bio, Age, Weight, Net Worth & More!

Discover Allegra Cole’s birthplace, age, weight, and net worth. Born in Salt Lake City, she’s a Gemini turning [age birthday="05/24/1993"]. Contact us for more info!

Allegra Cole – Piano Teacher turned Model

Allegra Cole is a former piano teacher. However, it seems like she is willing to do everything for a career in modeling. Allegra’s unnaturally huge breasts have drawn attention far and wide, and she firmly believes that she, and women in general, can live their lives by their own rules of independence and free choice.

Allegra Cole has been active on her Instagram account, where she has been sharing updates on her journey towards her dream life. As of December 2022, she has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. In one of her Instagram posts from December, she reflected on the past year and shared that it had taught her a lot about herself and helped her open up in new ways.

Her net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be $200,000. She earns most of her income from social media posts, including ads and sponsorships, and as an entrepreneur.

In February 2023, Alliance Franchise Brands and its subsidiaries Image360 and Allegra were named to the 2022 Printing Impressions 300 list, which ranks the largest printing companies in the United States and Canada.



What does Allegra Cole do for a living?

Allegra Cole is currently a model who previously worked as a piano teacher. She is known for exaggerated breast enlargement surgeries, due to which her breasts ended up lopsided. Allegra earned her fame through Instagram modeling where she gained over a million followers and fans.

She has had numerous surgeries on her breasts, some of which were financed by men who wished to “financially support” women online in getting breast enlargement surgeries. Allegra eventually stumbled upon a surgeon who performed a different kind of breast enlargement surgery – tissue expander implants, to be precise, whereby she was able to use saline to expand her own implants. She went a little overboard and her breasts ended up being asymmetrical 😵😲😂

Allegra has appeared on Botched, a TV show designed to help people who have undergone bad plastic surgeries by correcting problems. The doctors fixed her asymmetrical breasts. It is unknown whether Allegra wants to have more plastic surgery work done on her breasts.


Where in the world is Allegra Cole from?

Allegra Cole hails from the good ol’ US of A, specifically Salt Lake City, Utah. Fun fact: this city is home to over a million followers of the Mormon religion.

How many trips around the sun has Allegra Cole taken?

This piano teacher turned model is a Gemini who will be celebrating her 30 birthday this year. Born on May 24, 1969, she’s got a few years under her belt, but she wears them well.

What’s the weight of Allegra Cole?

Allegra stands tall at 5’6″ (167 cm) and weighs in at around 154 lbs (70 kg). But wait, there’s more! Her double M size breasts weigh a whopping 20 lbs, bringing her total weight to a curvy 174 lbs.

What’s the damage to Allegra Cole’s bank account?

Allegra’s estimated net worth is a cool million dollars. She’s spent over $75,000 on breast enlargement surgeries, but she’s still got plenty of cash left over from her successful modeling career.


Is Allegra Cole single or married?

Allegra is married. In fact, she walked down the aisle twice in her life. Raised by strict parents, Allegra followed the Mormon tradition of marrying young to her high school sweetheart named Sam. They had three daughters together.

However, their marriage didn’t last long as Sam tragically died in 1996 – the cause isn’t listed anywhere. Soon after, Allegra married Dyson Salleh who is 10 years her junior. In total, Allegra has eight children but their names have not been disclosed.

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