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Meet Katelyn Ohashi’s Proud Parents: Richard and Diana Ohashi ?

Meet Richard and Diana Ohashi, proud parents of former US artistic gymnast Katelyn Ohashi. Know about Katelyn’s journey and her family’s support. 🔥

Richard and Diana Ohashi are Katelyn Ohashi’s Parents 🔥

Former US artistic gymnast Katelyn Ohashi competed in several competitions for the University of California, Los Angeles, and took after her mother, a former high school gymnast. Diana and the youngest of Katelyn’s brothers, Kalen, moved to Kansas City, Missouri, in 2006. But after just three years, they moved again to Plano, Texas.

Katelyn’s father, who works at South Service Center as an electrical services representative couldn’t be more proud of his successful daughter. He went on to say that although Katelyn has been successful all these years, she also faced downsides as she first missed the Olympics because she had not turned 16 years old at that time. Four years later, at the next Olympic Games, Ohashi’s hopes were dashed, and she again failed to compete because she was injured. That being said, Richard’s proud of Katelyn in how she has handled interviews well under pressure, she started a blog with her teammate called ‘Behind the Madness‘, write poetry, and as far as we can tell is following the advice we give her to always be herself.


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What Nationality Are Richard and Diana Ohashi?

Diana and Richard Ohashi are both American.

How Old Are Richard and Diana Ohashi and How Much Do They Weigh?

The age and weight of Richard and Diana have been kept private.

What Are Richard and Diana Ohashi’s Net Worth?

Richard and Diana Ohashi’s net worth was not revealed. However, it is expected that they share with their daughter Katelyn’s net worth which is approximately $1 million.

Are Richard and Diana Ohashi Married or Divorced?

Richard and Diana are married and have four children – Ryan, Kyle Kalen, and Katelyn.


What Do Richard and Diana Ohashi Do for a Living?

Richard Ohashi works as an Electrical Service Representative at the South Service Center. Diana Ohashi, mother of Katelyn is a former high school gymnast.

Where Are Katelyn Ohashi Parents From?

Both parents of Katelyn Ohashi are from the United States of America.



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