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Who is Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend? Her last relationship was with NBA star Ben Simmons, known for winning rookie of the year honors in 2018.

Discover Kendall Jenner’s past relationships with famous pop stars and athletes. Read about her last relationship with NBA player Ben Simmons, the Philadelphia 76ers forward. (160 characters)

Who is Kendall Jenner’s beau?

Kendall Jenner, the stunning supermodel, has had her fair share of high-profile relationships. From swoon-worthy crooners like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber to world-renowned athletes like Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton and NBA player Chandler Parsons, Kendall has had her pick of the litter. But as of late, it seems that Kendall is flying solo. Her last known romance was with basketball prodigy Ben Simmons, aka BJ Simmons (his middle name is John).

Ben is currently a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers, one of the top teams in the NBA. Despite only playing collegiate basketball for a year, Ben was the number 1 draft pick in the 2016 NBA draft. This prized athlete even won rookie of the year honors in 2018. So, while Kendall may be single for now, she definitely has a type – talented and successful!


How tall is Ben Simmons and how much does he weigh?

Adding to his talent as a basketball player, Ben Simmons stands 6 feet 9 inches; he weighs 228 pounds.

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What else do we know about Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend?

Kendall Jenner’s most recent boyfriend was Ben Simmons or BJ Simmons. Simmons had sports and basketball in his blood, and his brother, Liam, was once the assistant basketball coach at the University of California until he gave the role up so that he could help Ben become a better basketball player.

Born in Australia, Ben Simmons and his family moved to the United States, where he attended high school in Florida and played college basketball for the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers.

Because of his excellent basketball skills and performance on court, his rise to stardom was fast, allowing him to meet and start dating Kendall Jenner in 2018. Initially, the two went out for dates and shopping sprees, keeping their relationship low-key, with Kendall only admitting their relationship on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

What is the nationality of Ben Simmons?

Ben is Australian. His family moved from Australia to Florida in the United States. Ben Simmons was born in July 20 1996. He is now 27

Is Ben Simmons married or single?

Ben Simmons is single.


How much is Ben Simmons’s net worth?

After his successful rookie year, Ben Simmons was able to secure a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers that amounted to 75 million dollars. He also owns an endorsement deal with Nike.

How many kids does Ben Simmons have?

Ben Simmons does not have children.

Why did Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons break up?

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons started dating around spring of 2018. They would be seen dating and shopping together. Although there were rumors that the two were together, it was not until February of 2019 that Kendall confirmed their relationship. Their relationship came to an end around September of the same year, however, the two separated on good terms and revealed that their work engagements, coming from different cities, was the main reason for the break up. Much of Kendall’s work was concentrated in Los Angeles, while Ben’s was in Philadelphia.

What positions does Ben Simmons play?

Ben has played in true point guard throughout the 2019 season, however, there have been questions asked as to whether he is more suited to point forward, and the argument for this is a strong one. Highlighting his strengths, whilst masking the few weaknesses he appears to have. Inevitably spending less time marking the perimeter would play to his strengths as a speed demon, giving him more access to defensive rebounds and opportunities to score, which he undoubtedly excels at.
Ben, though, has expressed strong desires to remain as a one player wonder, rather than part of the four, feeling he can do a lot more within that position.

When was Ben Simmons drafted?

Ben was drafted as part of the annual NBA in June 2016. Although there was some doubt beforehand about his attitude and behaviour from NBA analysts, the Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown, was more than satisfied, and picked him as his number one overall. However, only a few months later, X-rays confirmed a fractured ankle stemming from a training camp scrimmage, ruling him out for the 2016/17 season. His eventual NBA debut came on 18 October 2017.

Ben Simmon Drafted June 2016

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Ben’s Reveals His Top Playlist

Drake. Post Malone. Gunna. Kanye. Just a few of my favorites who made it onto my top artists this year. Don’t you want to know yours? Go and grab your #SpotifyWrapped at #SpotifyPartner Spotify USA

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What’s the best way to contact Ben Simmons?

If you want to contact Ben Simmons, or are interested in learning more, get in touch with us and we’ll try to find the answers in our archives.


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