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Get to Know Korie Koker: Rock Star, Restaurateur, and TV Personality 🎸🍔📺

Find out the rock star lifestyle of Korie Koker, co-owner of Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill and Count’s Tattoo Company. Learn all about her career and success in this article.

Get to Know Korie Koker: The Rock Star Restaurateur

With her rock star looks and feisty attitude, Korie Koker is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a music lover, but she’s also the co-owner of the famous Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. Korie was born on August 8, 1965, which makes her 58-years-young. Her equally famous business partner is Danny “The Count” Koker, who stars in the reality TV show Counting Cars. The show follows the daily highs and lows of Count’s Kustoms, an automobile customization company. One of the lows was the alleged fraud by employee, Joseph Frontiera.

Korie started her career in broadcasting, producing for several stations. But she soon realized that her true calling was conceptualizing shows and being in front of the camera as a presenter.

During this time, she formed a rock band with some friends and became the lead singer. Although the band was short-lived, Korie still enjoys singing karaoke. It was through the band that she met Danny Koker, and they started dating while she climbed the TV industry ladder. However, Korie hit the jackpot when she and Danny ventured into restaurant ownership after getting married.

The rock star lifestyle of great food, live music, and a relaxed atmosphere has made Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill a huge success. As the manager, Korie’s responsibilities include booking bands, organizing the kitchen, and running the whole show. With over 300 live performances a year, Korie has her work cut out for her.

But Korie doesn’t stop there. The rock queen also co-owns Count’s Tattoo Company with her hubby. Who knows what other ventures Korie will conquer next? One thing’s for sure, she’s a true rock star in every sense of the word.


Korie Koker’s snapshots📸

Korie Koker’s husband’s band, Count’s 77 playing at Vamp’d🎸

What happened to Korie Koker?😳

In 2008 reports came in that Korie Koker died in a car accident. Fortunately for rock fans, it turned out to be someone other than the Korie Koker, and she is still alive and rocking 😀😀😀


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Is Korie Koker married or single?💏🏻

Korie Koker is married to Danny “The Count” Koker, the proprietor of the very famous car restoration company Count’s Kustoms.

Does Korie Koker have any children with her spouse?👶

With their eccentric personalities, Korie and Danny Koker’s views on life are fairly unique, and they don’t have any plans to share their lives with little Kokers. The celebrity couple is very much in love and happy, and plan to keep it that way!

What is Korie Koker’s nationality?🌍

Having been born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Korie is American.


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How tall is Korie Koker and what is her weight?🤨

Korie is rather tall standing 5 feet 7 inches tall, and weighs in at around 140 pounds.

How much is Korie Koker’s net worth?​💷

The couple are loaded, with husband Danny having a net worth of a whopping $13 million. Although her net worth has not been made accessible, it is expected that Korie’s is in the millions, much like her husband’s.

Korie Koker and rock band Y&T‘s Dave Meniketti, at Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar🎸

Latest Tweets from Korie Koker📲

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