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Who Is Lil Xan?

Everything that you have ever wanted to know about the rapper Lil Xan: The real reason he managed to quit drugs, and the tragic tale behind it

Lil Xan Overview

Nathan Diego Leanos, more popularly known as Lil Xan or simply as Diego, is a rapper and singer-songwriter who has recently sparked the interest of many people. Many wonder why he chose that stage name. It turns out his name was derived from the medicine Xanax, with its prescription name of alprazolam. He has admitted to once being addicted to this drug amongst others, however, he quit the drug cold turkey after a few friends suffered fatal overdoses.

Growing up, Lil Xan was not the wealthiest. He lived mostly in various motels that he and his parents jumped around in. He then dropped out of high school and was unemployed for a few years. His first job was as a street cleaner and he also did some drug dealing to get by. Later, he discovered rapping and photography through friends and has continued rapping ever since. His popularity continues on Instagram, where he has amassed a whopping 5.5 million followers.


How old is Lil Xan?

Lil Xan is 25 years old. He was born on September 6, 1996, in Redlands, California in the United States.

How tall is Lil Xan?

Lil Xan is 5ft 6in, or 168 centimeters.

What ethnicity is Lil Xan?

Lil Xan is Latino.

What nationality is Lil Xan?

Lil Xan is American.

How much does Lil Xan Weigh?

He reportedly weighs 66 kilograms or 145lbs.


What is Lil Xan’s net worth?

Reports claim that Lil Xan’s net worth is approximately $3 million.

What is Lil Xan most famous for?

Lil Xan is most famous for his singing and rap career. His most popular song Betrayed is a certified platinum song by the RIAA and it reached the 64th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. He has released other music as well, including his albums Total Xanarchy and Sorry I Didn’t Quit, which is set to be released this 2020.

Is Lil Xan single or married?

Lil Xan is currently single. But he has been involved with Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’ younger sister. They split as he believed she was cheating on him. He was also engaged to Annie Smith but they are no longer engaged.

Does Lil Xan have any children?

He does not have any children. But Annie Smith claims to have suffered a miscarriage during her pregnancy with Lil Xan as the father. Fans are skeptical of this claim, though.

Lil Xan Photo Gallery

Lil Xan’s Betrayed video on YouTube


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