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Who is Logan Paul? Infamous YouTuber, actor, and internet personality with 2.3M followers, but also involved in controversies.

Know about Logan Paul, the infamous YouTuber with over 2.3 million followers. Despite his success, he’s been involved in controversies, including a controversial video in Japan.

Who the Heck is Logan Paul?

Logan Alexander Paul is a dude who’s made a name for himself on the interwebs as a YouTuber. He started posting videos back in 2013 after Vine went kaput. Nowadays, he’s got over 2.3 million followers and is ranked 54th in the US’s most subscribed channels.

Logan’s also dabbled in acting, appearing in TV shows like The Thinning, The Thinning: New World Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Bizaardvark.

But let’s be real, Logan’s also been involved in some pretty gnarly controversies. One of the most infamous was when he posted a video of his trip to Japan and included footage of a dead body. Yeah, you read that right. He later apologized and took the video down, but not before 6.3 million people had already seen it and were like, “Dude, what the heck?”

In 2018, Logan’s YouTube revenue took a major nosedive and all advertising on his channels was suspended. So he switched to Twitch instead, but he was still on probation for 90 days. Will he ever learn? Only time will tell.

Check out the corpse video here (if you dare).


Who is Logan Paul dating now?

Currently, Logan is dating Amanda Cerny. Amanda is a popular YouTuber with her own channel with nearly 3 million subscribers. Prior to that, she was at 4 million subs on Vine. She is a director, actress, former PlayMate of the Month in October 2011.

Where might you have seen Amanda Cerny before?

Amanda began modeling at the tender age of 15 but as a hobby. She worked her way up to become PlayMate of the Month by the age of 20. Her social media content quickly showed her to be relatable and her Vine account quickly got to over 4.6 million followers. She now has followings on all major platforms: YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter.

If it wasn’t there, perhaps you saw Amanda in one of her film or video appearances. The most well-known, arguably, being her 2018 cameo in Cardi B’s video for I Like It alongside J Balvin and Bad Bunny.


She was also in Internet Famous and Maroon 5’s Don’t Wanna Know video, both in 2016. In 2018 she took a role in Ridiculousness, followed by, in 2020, a Punjabi music video, Where Baby Where with Gippy Grewal and a role in iCarly.

Wasn’t Logan Paul dating Josie Canseco?

Until an undisclosed date in 2020, Logan was dating another model, Josie Canseco but she announced their split in January of 2021. Josie graced the Between Good & Evil podcast, saying:
“Me and Logan split a little bit ago … we’re like fine now. I don’t know where we’re at exactly… but we love each other and we’re trying to find a respectable place … Also he has a lot going on with his fight coming up. He has training camp, I’m just trying to be supportive and be what he needs in a partner and I think vice versa. We’re just kind of like figuring s–t out.” It seems like both are happy to forge their own paths ahead.

Does Amanda Cerny have any notable exes?

Amanda’s most popular YouTube video shows her being carried aloft, twirling and generally spoofing the Instagramable version of a relationship with Jay Alvarrez.


That was over 4 years ago. Since then she has had dalliances with the 19-years-her-senior comedian, Dane Cook.


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Before she upgraded to Justin Beiber in 2016.



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What is Logan Paul’s Girlfriend’s nationality?

Amanda Cerny is American.  Although she was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, her family moved while she was young, so she grew up in Florida.


How old is Amanda Cerny?

Amanda Cerny was born on June 26, 1991, making her a cute Cancerian. She is now 32 years old. Astrologists say that in couples like these there is actually a pretty good chance of success. Despite Amanda being born under a Water sign, and Logan being a Fire sign, Aries, these two may have a rocky beginning but can make a long-lasting relationship if they’re emotionally vulnerable with each other.

How tall is Amanda Cerny and how much does she weigh?

Amanda Cerny measures 170 cm or 5 foot 7 inches tall. Estimates put her weight at around 57kg or 125lbs.

Does Amanda Cerny have any children?

No, Amanda doesn’t have children with any of her exes, although we would have loved to see that Beiber-Cerny baby. In 2018, Cerny posted a video on her YouTube channel entitled My Kids, however, it’s a charitable project with frankly adorable children benefiting from the work of #TeamAmanda. Take a look and see how natural she is with them. Her followers put it into words beautifully below.Adoring followers


Amanda Cerny’s Latest Tweets

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