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Michael Tell – The Truth about his Relationship and Short-Lived Marriage to Patty Duke

All the facts that you would ever need to know about the American music promoter Michael Tell: His Short Marriage, Net Worth, Family and More!

Patty Duke’s Husband, Michael Tell

Michael Tell was born in the 1940s and became famous after marrying the late American actress Patty Duke. During his high school years, he became a fan of rock music and pursued a career in promotion because rumor has it,  he wasn’t good enough to become a singer – the role he really wanted.

His marriage to virtual stranger, Patty Duke was one of the most notable parts of his life even if their marriage was shorter than short-lived at a mere 13 days 😮😮😮

Patty Duke was dating Desi Arnaz Jr. before her marriage to Michael Tell. Desi Arnaz Jr. was only 17 and she was 23, which caused huge controversy, and was strongly opposed by his mother, Lucille Ball.

Here is Patty on stage as an accomplished singer – just another string to her bow!

After the less than two-week marriage ended, Patty Duke went on to date actor John Astin. In 1971, Patty Duke gave birth to her son, Sean Astin, and John Astin stepped up to play the role of a father. However, Sean Astin spent his entire life being confused about which of the three men is his biological father.

After a DNA test that all three men, Desi Arnaz Jr., Michael Tell, and John Astin, agreed to do – it turned out Michael Tell was Sean’s father! There are rumors that John Astin and Patty Duke only ever got together to legitimize her child. However, it cannot be said that the three did not form a beautiful family, with Sean landing his first movie role with John Astin in The Goonies, but going on to find fame as Sam Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Sean Astin’s audition for The Goonies:


How old is Michael Tell?

Michael Tell is very secretive about sharing information about his life and there were only a few reliable reports about his birth information. There is no information publicly available about his birthday but people often would say that he is in his 70s.

How tall is Michael Tell?

Michael Tell is 5 feet 4 inches tall but his weight was never disclosed to the public.

Did Michael Tell ever remarry after Patty Duke?

Michael Tell married the American actress Patty Duke in 1970 but got annulled only after 13 days of being married. He never remarried again and carries on with his life as a divorced man.

How much is Michael Tell’s net worth?

Michael Tell has a net worth of $1 million which he earned as a rock promoter and music producer.

Does Michael Tell have any kids?

Michael Tell has a child with a former wife, Patty Duke. However, after their son, Sean Astin, who’s now an actor, was born, Patty said that Sean’s father was John Astin. Tell asked for a paternity test and which resulted in Michael Tell being the biological father to Sean.


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