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Who Are Naomi Osaka’s Parents? – Leonard and Tamaki

Everything that there is to know about the parents of the tennis player Naomi Osaka, Leonard Francois & Tamaki Osaka: Their Input In Her Success

Who are Naomi Osaka’s parents?

Famous tennis player Naomi Osaka was born on October 16, 1997 to Leonard Francois and Tamaki Osaka. It was reported that the couple met in Hokkaido when Leonard came to Japan after studying at New York University.

Tamaki’s parents were against the couple’s relationship, which resulted in her being estranged from her family for more than a decade. When Naomi was already three years old, the family moved from Japan to the United States. Naomi only got to meet her maternal grandparents when she turned 11 years old. Her paternal grandmother helped raise her in the United States.


What nationality are Leonard and Tamaki?

Leonard was born in Jacmel, Haiti with African ethnicity while Tamaki is Japanese. Leonard moved to New York to study and was later on naturalized as an American citizen. It is said that Naomi was raised in a multi-ethnicity culture, growing in an American environment, eating Haitian food at home, while still being attached to her Japanese roots.

How old are Leonard and Tamaki?

Leonard and Tamaki tend to shy away from the spotlight and not much is on the public record regarding their birthdays and ages.

What do Leonard and Tamaki do for a living?

Their current and previous jobs are unknown, but it is said that Leonard focused on training Naomi and her sister Mari at an early age. He envisioned his daughters becoming famous tennis players, emulating what Richard Williams did for his daughters Serena and Venus, who are both popular tennis players.

While Leonard was busy coaching his daughters, Tamaki found ways to fund the training and competitions. In one of Naomi’s interviews, she said her mother used to work a lot and she hopes that she is now able to repay her mom’s hard work with her success in the tennis field.

Are Leonard and Tamaki married or divorced?

Naomi’s parents are still together and very much married. They are often seen supporting Naomi, especially during her big games.

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