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Peter Kay’s Wife Susan Gargan – What Exactly Is Their Net Worth?🤔💷

Get Your Questions Answered About The Comedian Peter Kay’s Wife Susan Gargan

Susan Gargan’s Claim To Fame🤩

Susan Gargan is the wife of Peter Kay who is considered one of the funniest men on earth. Peter Kay is an elite English comedian, writer, producer and actor who has done a lot to put smiles on people’s faces. After having won the So You Think Your Funny stand-up comedy competition, he would produce and star in many comedy shows such as That Peter Kay Thing, Phoenix Nights, Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere, Car Share, and Cradle to Grave. As he himself has won many awards, Kay’s shows have also received many recognitions from award-giving bodies such as the National Television Awards and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Prior to meeting Peter Kay, Susan Gargan was working at a Boots Pharmacy in the UK. Around 1998, in a night club in Bolton, the two met and eventually started dating. At that time, Peter was employed at a local cinema. After 3 years of dating, the couple tied the knot. It was during the same year in 2001 that they had their first child. Her age is unknown but it is estimated she is somewhere between 40-50.

The Best Shots of Susan Gargan📸


What is the ethnic background of Susan Gargan?🌍

Susan Gargan is British Caucasian.

What weight and height is Susan Gargan?🤷

In pictures, it appears that Susan is around a quarter of a foot shorter than Peter, and since Peter stands around 5 feet 8 inches, her height could be around 5 feet 5 inches. She could potentially weigh around 170 pounds.

When did Susan Gargan marry Peter Kay?💏🏻

Susan Gargan married the award-winning comedian and producer Peter Kay. Peter Kay is the star of the show Car Share. The show is about two people who usually carpool to work, while talking about their daily encounters. The two got married in 2001 after 3 years of dating. In recent research conducted by Sandra Redmond from TheCosplaySite, when Peter Kay married Susan and became a father, he changed and became a more responsible person who thinks of his family first.

Peter Kay’s Car Share: Episode 1 Preview on BBC One📺

How long has Susan Gargan been with her husband? 🥰

Susan Gargan has been happily married to Peter Kay for over two decades now.

How many children does Susan Gargan share with her husband?👶

Susan Gargan’s first child was born in 2001, the same year that Peter and Kay got married. They named their child Charlie Michael Kay, with Charlie being the name of Susan’s father. Though there’s news that they had two more children after Charlie, Susan and Peter have done their best to keep them away from the public scrutiny.


What did Susan do for a living before she married Peter Kay?🕵️‍♀️​

Susan was working at a Boots Pharmacy when she met Peter at a night club in Bolton. It might be that Susan is a pharmacist by profession.

What is Susan Gargan’s net worth?💷

With Peter Kay’s net worth being around £43 million, Susan Gargan would be entitled to a fraction of that sum. It would be safe to assume that Susan has at least £20 million as net worth.

Latest Tweets From Peter Kay, Susan Gargan’s Husband📲

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