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All The Juice & Gossip You Need About Post Malone’s Wife Ashlen Diaz: Net Worth, Height & More!

What everyone ought to know about Post Malone’s Wife Ashlen Diaz: Net Worth, Age, Height & More!

Ashlen Diaz Overview

Perhaps there is no artist there that is as relatable as Post Malone is, especially with the kind of songs and lyrics he produces. This American producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter has everything going for him, being young and talented. Known for the song Sunflower, which was the soundtrack to the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Post Malone has had a rather interesting on-and-off romance with Ashlen Diaz. Who exactly is Ashlen? With her rather shy nature, it may be difficult to really determine.

Since Ashlen is shy, it would come as a surprise what Ashlen’s profession is. Ashlen is a music promoter who is in charge of booking and arranging music shows for singers. Much of her experience came from her work as a music promoter for the music company called Cashiaveli X. From 2010 to 2013, she promoted shows for the said company. It was in 2015 that she met Post Malone as she was promoting a show for the then-emerging talent.  From then on, they dated and kept a kind of low-profile relationship. They did post pictures of their time together; however, these were seldom, which made fans hungry for more information about Ashlen and her relationship with Post.

Celebrity Name

The celebrity girlfriend’s complete name is Ashlen Nicole Diaz.

What is the nationality of Ashlen Diaz?

Ashlen was born in the United States and is American. She has Latin features and beautiful, expressive black eyes.

How tall is Ashlen Diaz and how much does she weigh?

Despite Post Malone’s tall figure as he stands beyond 6 feet tall, her estimated height is 5 feet 6 inches. She weighs around 121 pounds.

Is Ashlen Diaz married or single?

Ashlen Diaz is single. Although there is news that says that Post Malone and Ashlen have broken up once again, we all await whether the two will be back in each other’s arms.

How much is Ashlen Diaz’s net worth?

With her work in music promotion, her estimated net worth is $1 million.

How many kids does Ashlen Diaz have?

Ashlen does not have children.

How old is Post Malone’s girlfriend? 

Ashlen was born on December 19, 1995. This means that she is to be 24 years old before the end of 2020.

Who is Post Malone’s girlfriend?

For years now, the highly popular and sought rapper and singer, Post Malone, has been linked to one name. Her name is Ashlen Nicole Diaz. Although they have had a rather erratic relationship in terms of its continuity, people are waiting whether the two would get back together this 2020. Ashlen is a music promoter ever since she decided to take up professional work. From 2010 to 2013, she worked as one under the company Cashiaveli X. In 2015, she took another promoting stint; this time, she worked as a promotor for Post Malone.

Ashlen was born in Dallas, Texas. Currently self-employed, she has her hands full in her work as a promoter. Ashlen and Post appeared once in a Breakfast Club interview where the two spoke about their relationship. Although shy and timid, Ashlen was a supportive girlfriend as she accompanied Post on the road whenever he went on concert tours. There is a lot to expect from this beautiful and young talent.

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