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Ed Sheeran’s Wife: The Truth About Cherry Searborn’s Net Worth, Height & More!

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Ed Sheeran’s Wife Cherry Searborn’s Net Worth, Height & More!

EXCLUSIVE: Ed Sheeran spotted leaving a hotel with a mystery girl in New York City <P> <B>Ref: SPL1112860 300815 EXCLUSIVE</B><BR /> Picture by: Felipe Ramales / Splash News<BR /> </P><P> <B>Splash News and Pictures</B><BR /> Los Angeles:310-821-2666<BR /> New York:212-619-2666<BR /> London:870-934-2666<BR /> [email protected]<BR /> </P> PICTURED: Ed Sheeran, Cherry Seaborn


Cherry Seaborn Overview

Ed Sheeran is perhaps today’s most versatile and relatable singer. His songs are so unique and catchy that almost any person on earth knows an Ed Sheeran song. If you have listened to an Ed Sheeran love song, you’d think, “How lucky is the lady to whom Ed offers his songs to!” This said, both Sheeran and former-girlfriend-now turned-wife, Cherry Seaborn are lucky to have each other. Cherry and Ed have been in a relationship since 2015. Cherry was a former classmate of Ed’s. They met way back in high school.   

There are many interesting trivia about Cherry. First, after high school when Ed and she were classmates, Cherry moved to the United States to pursue higher learning at the Duke University. There she would work as an Advisory Consultant for Deloitte & Touche LLP. Second, for her extracurricular, it comes as an amazing fact that Cherry is an amazing hockey player. She was a member of two championship teams who won hockey titles in the British University Championships. Truly, this extraordinary woman deserves the extraordinary singer that Ed Sheeran is. 


What is the nationality of Cherry Seaborn?

Cherry was born and raised in Falkenham, Suffolk in the United Kingdom. She is British.     


How tall is Cherry Seaborn and how much does she weigh?

Cherry Seaborn’s height is 5 feet 6 inches. She weighs around 132 pounds.          


Is Cherry Seaborn married or single?

Cherry Seaborn is married to pop singer and balladeer Ed Sheeran. Since 2015, the two have been in an exclusive relationship. Although Ed and Cherry’s wedding was not made public, Ed mentioned that there was a private ceremony that took place in 2018 that was attended only by a few close friends and family. Being the romantic that Ed was, he made a song about their commitment and marriage last July 2019 through the song “Remember the Name.” 


How much is Cherry Seaborn’s net worth?

Cherry Seaborn’s net worth is around 255,000 US dollars.  


How many kids does Cherry Seaborn have?

Cherry does not have children as of speaking. 


Who is Ed Sheeran’s wife?

Ed Sheeran’s wife is Cherry Seaborn. It was only in 2018 when the couple wed; however, the two were together since 2015 and have been high school classmates in the past. As a profession, Cherry is an Advisory Consultant. She has practiced not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States. As a serious athlete, she was a hockey player and has won hockey championships. With Ed Sheeran being a household name and an ultra-famous singer, the two have been seen with many famous celebrities such as Courtney Cox. 

As a testament to Ed’s love and devotion for Cherry, the singer, artist and writer said that many of his songs were for her. Some of these songs are “Shape of You” and “Perfect” that both became a hit in 2017. Although Ed did date a couple of celebrities in the past, when he and Cherry reconnected again in 2015, they have never left each other’s arms. Cherry even left her career as an Advisory Consultant in the United States to be with Ed. Now, there is nothing but equal devotion and love for the Sheerans. 


How old is Ed Sheeran’s wife?

Cherry Seaborn was born on May 6, 1992. She is 27 years old. 


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