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Rey’s Parents: The Hidden Truth Behind Her Abandonment in Star Wars

Uncover the truth about Rey’s parents in Star Wars. Played by Billy Howle and Jodie Comer, they sacrificed everything to protect their daughter, who is revealed to be the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine.

The Real Parents of Rey, played by Billy Howle and Jodie Comer

So, we all know that Rey, played by the talented English actress, Daisy Ridley, is the main protagonist in the epic classic Star Wars sequel. But did you know that her parents aren’t just some filthy junk traders who sold her for alcohol money? Nope, they’re actually pretty important.

Rey’s father, played by the dashing Billy Howle, is none other than the son of Emperor Palpatine. That’s right, the big bad guy from the original trilogy. And her mother, played by the lovely Jodie Comer, is just as important. They sacrificed everything to protect their daughter from her grandfather’s evil clutches.

So, while Rey may have been abandoned on Jakku, it was all for a good reason. Her parents knew that they had to keep her hidden from the Emperor, even if it meant living in poverty and sacrificing their own lives. And now, as we all know, Rey is not just some insignificant character. She’s the granddaughter of the Emperor and has a major role to play in the Star Wars universe. May the Force be with her!


What Nationality Are Rey’s Mother and Father?

The father of Rey is Palpatine.

How Old Are Rey’s Mother and Father and How Much Do They Weigh?

Details about their age and weight were not revealed.

What Are Rey’s Mother and Father Net Worth?

No details of their net worth were revealed to the public.

Are Rey’s Mother and Father Married or Divorced?

Rey’s mother and father are married. They protected Rey from her evil grandfather by abandoning her in Jakku.

Rey’s mother and father are married. What Do Rey’s Mother and Father Do for a Living?

Rey’s mother and father were considered nobodies, living in poverty. However, this was a ruse in order to protect the young girl from her grandfather, the Emperor Palpatine.


Who Are Rey’s Parents?

Though the parents of Rey in Star Wars were not named, they were played by actor Billy Howle and the awesome Jodie Corner.

Who Are Rey’s Parents – Theories?

The parents of Rey in Star Wars remained unnamed, and, as fictional characters who don’t actually appear for very long on screen, it’s hard to guess their identities.



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