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The Parents of The Star Wars Character, Rey

The parents of the Star Wars character Rey have not been named in the films, but here’s everything else that there is to know about them!

The Parents of Rey, played by Billy Howle and Jodie Comer

Played by English actress, Daisy Ridley, Rey-From Nowhere – she later adopts the name Skywalker, is one of the fictional characters in the epic classic Star Wars. She is also the main protagonist in its sequel. Her parents are unknown initially. However, it becomes apparent that they aren’t the filthy junk traders they are portrayed to be, who just sold Rey to buy alcohol. Rey’s father, played by Billy Howle, is, in fact, the son of Emperor Palpatine.

Though Rey was abandoned by her parents in Jakku, it was actually to protect her from her grandfather. Her parents sacrificed their own lives and lived in poverty to maintain the secret identity of their daughter. It turns out that Rey is not an insignificant character. but being the granddaughter of the Emperor has a major role to play.


What Nationality Are Rey’s Mother and Father?

The father of Rey is Palpatine.

How Old Are Rey’s Mother and Father and How Much Do They Weigh?

Details about their age and weight were not revealed.

What Are Rey’s Mother and Father Net Worth?

No details of their net worth were revealed to the public.

Are Rey’s Mother and Father Married or Divorced?

Rey’s mother and father are married. They protected Rey from her evil grandfather by abandoning her in Jakku.

Rey’s mother and father are married. What Do Rey’s Mother and Father Do for a Living?

Rey’s mother and father were considered nobodies, living in poverty. However, this was a ruse in order to protect the young girl from her grandfather, the Emperor Palpatine.


Who Are Rey’s Parents?

Though the parents of Rey in Star Wars were not named, they were played by actor Billy Howle and the awesome Jodie Corner.

Who Are Rey’s Parents – Theories?

The parents of Rey in Star Wars remained unnamed, and, as fictional characters who don’t actually appear for very long on screen, it’s hard to guess their identities.



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