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Richard Gere’s Sons – A Look into the Actor’s Personal Life

Uncover the story of Richard Gere’s sons, including his first son with Carey Lowell and his two youngest with current wife Alejandra Silva.

The Lowdown on Richard Gere’s Sons

Richard Gere, the silver fox of Hollywood, has been gracing our screens for over five decades. From Pretty Woman to Runaway Bride, he’s been in more movies than we’ve had hot dinners. He’s also a bit of a hero when it comes to human rights activism, particularly for Tibet. But what about his family life? Let’s take a peek.

Gere has three sons, which is surprising considering he’s old enough to be a grandpa. His eldest, Homer, is the only son from his previous marriage to model Carey Lowell. He’s named after Gere’s dad, which is sweet. The other two boys are with his current wife, Alejandra Silva, who’s a Spanish businesswoman and activist. Alexander was born in 2019, and their youngest arrived in April 2020.


Gere seems to be a hands-on dad, as evidenced by his Twitter feed. He’s posted a cute snap of Homer on the beach, calling him his “mini-me”. We can’t wait to see more of this adorable family.


What is the nationality of Richard Gere’s sons?

Homer Gere was born in New York City, USA, as were his other two sons, making them all American through and through.

Does Richard Gere have a son who is an actor?

Currently, Homer Gere has not shown any interest in acting or been in any films or TV shows, and attending Brown University in New York is keeping him extremely busy. Gere’s other sons are too young to have decided on their careers. It remains to be seen if any will follow in their father’s famous shoes.



What does Richard Gere’s eldest son look like?

It’s extremely evident that Gere’s son Homer Gere has inherited the famed actor’s good looks and undeniable charm. Although the father and son may be polar opposites in terms of looks, they both possess that famous twinkling smile! 😍😍😍

Homer Gere has cool blue eyes and dark brown tousled hair, a cute, youthful, and boyish face -time will tell if he’ll develop his father’s rugged, chiseled jawline that’s been slaying women for years.

How old are Richard Gere’s sons?

Homer Gere was born in February 2000, currently making him 24 years old. His first half-brother Alexander was born in February 2019 and the youngest boy, whose name is yet to be revealed was born in April 2020.

How tall is Richard Gere’s son?

Homer Gere stands at about 5ft6 or 168cm tall. There is no information on the heights of Gere’s younger children.


Is Richard Gere’s son married or single?

Homer Gere is currently single and is not said to be seeing anyone at the moment. Although he has appeared with his parents numerous times over the years, Homer keeps a very low profile, and generally avoids social media, preferring just to focus on his education for now.

Does Richard Gere’s son have any children?

Homer Gere is currently single and taking up college. He does not have any children as of recently.

How Much is Richard Gere’s Son’s Net Worth?

Homer Gere’s net worth is said to be approximately $3 million as of 2020, most of which would have come from his famous father.

Richard Gere and the cast of Pretty Woman 25 years on



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