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Richard Gere’s Sons – All the News & Goss

Who is Richard Gere’s Son?

Richard Gere is a seasoned American actor, his prosperous career carrying on for over fifty years. Known for his work in films such as Pretty Woman, Sommersby, Primal Fear, Runaway Bride and a plethora of other movies, the actor has been nominated for and won several awards. Richard Gere is also known for his activism and political views. But what has he been up to in his personal and family life?

Richard Gere has three children, all of whom are surprisingly young considering the actor’s age. The eldest son Homer Gere is his first and only son with ex-wife and former model Carey Lowell. The next two kids followed quite a bit later,  Alexander was born in 2019 and their youngest came along in April 2020. The latter two kids are with current wife Alejandra Silva, Spanish businesswoman and activist, as well as long time family friend of the actor before marriage.


What is the nationality of Richard Gere’s sons?

Homer Gere was born in New York City, USA. His younger two children were also born in the USA.

Does Richard Gere have a son who is an actor?

Currently, Homer Gere has not shown any interest in acting or been in any films or TV shows. Most people are assuming that the actor’s eldest son is currently preoccupied with his education.

What does Richard Gere’s eldest son look like?

It’s extremely evident that Richard Gere’s son Homer Gere has inherited the famed actor’s good looks and undeniable charm. Although the father and son may be polar opposites in terms of looks, they’re both charming in their own ways.

Homer Gere has icy blue eyes and dark brown tousled hair, he has a cute, youthful, and boyish face—an extreme contrast to his father’s appeal to his audience, who at that time had been considered sexy, manly, and chiselled even at just twenty years of age.

How old are Richard Gere’s sons?

Homer Gere was born in February 2000, currently making him 21 years old. His first half brother Alexander was born in February 2019 and his second half brother whose name is yet to be revealed was born in April 2020.

How tall is Richard Gere’s son?

Homer Gere stands at about 5ft6 or 168cm tall. There is no information on the heights of his younger children.


Is Richard Gere’s Son Married or Single?

Homer Gere is currently single and is not said to be seeing anyone at the moment.

Does Richard Gere’s Son Have Any Children?

Homer Gere is currently single and taking up college. He does not have any children as of recently.

How Much is Richard Gere’s Son’s Net Worth?

Homer Gere’s net worth is said to be approximately $2 million as of 2020.

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