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Salma Hayek’s Husband François-Henri Pinault: Net Worth, Marriage, Height & More!

What everyone ought to know about Salma Hayek’s Husband François-Henri Pinault: Net Worth, Marriage, Height & More!

François-Henri Pinault Overview

The name François-Henri Pinault rings a bell, much like his wife’s name, which is Salma Hayek. The reason why these names are so familiar is that they are both well-known and successful public figures. François-Henri is a French businessman who is responsible for the success of the Kering, S.A. Group. It has under its name many luxury brands patronized by people all around the world. These brands include Balenciaga, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Boucheron, Brioni, and Pomellato. Other than this fact, François-Henri is also the owner and president of the French Holding company Groupe Artémis that has under its management Christie’s, a fine arts auction house, Château Latour, a French wine estate, Le Point, a French political and current news publication, Stade Rennais F.C., and Théâtre Marigny, a well-known theatre in Paris. François-Henri is one extremely rich and powerful human being.

Still, despite the sheer number of businesses under his care, he is an incredible husband who supports Salma Hayek in all her pursuits on and off the camera. Salma is a famous Mexican-American actress who has starred in many box-office hits such as Fools Rush In, From Dusk till Dawn, and Desperado to name a few. She is also an advocate of many causes such as women’s rights, racial equality, and human rights.


How old is Salma Hayek’s husband? 

Born on May 28, 1962, François-Henri is 57 years old.

How many kids does François-Henri Pinault have?

François-Henri had two children with his first wife, Linda Evangelista. With his second wife, Salma Hayek, he has a child, Valentina Paloma Pinault. She was born in 2007 and is 12 years old in 2020.

What is the nationality of François-Henri Pinault?

François-Henri was born in Rennes, France. He is of French lineage and citizenship.

How tall is François-Henri Pinault and how much does he weigh?

François-Henri is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs around 175 pounds.

Is François-Henri Pinault married or single?

François-Henri has been married to Salma Hayek since 2009. The couple met in 2006 at the inauguration of the Palazzo Grassi in Venice. Although they have seen each other previously in the past, it was only then that they got to talk. According to Salma, they talked about many things that they liked such as football and science. Actually, Salma is not the first beautiful woman that François-Henri married; he was previously married to a supermodel, Linda Evangelista.

How much is François-Henri Pinault’s net worth?

Plain and simple, François-Henri Pinault is a billionaire. Being the heir of the Kering Empire, he is worth $17 billion.

Who is Salma Hayek’s husband?

François-Henri Pinault is the son of François Pinault. His father was the founder of Pinault S.A. It later came to be known as Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, then PPR, and then Kering, its current name. This means that François-Henri had business and fortune running in his veins. In 1985, François-Henri Pinault graduated from the HEC School of Management and considered giving up the family business as he wanted to pursue further studies at Stanford Business School. Fortunately, he didn’t and, to this day, he is a business magnate who heads Kering. In the past, the company used to be a retail business. With François-Henri’s leadership,  it rose to become the second-largest luxury company in the world. These days, this ultra-successful and rich person and businessman owns a holding company, a football team, a winery, and a publishing company!

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